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International Tours By Heena Tours

Choose the best international tour packages with Heena Tours.


Australia - Explore the Diversities

While going for a trip overseas, one would want to see as many places as they can in a stipulated time, and Heena Tours helps you in doing that. Choose the Australia Tour Packages, and enjoy your holidays.

Bhutan Tour - The Land of Thunder Dragon

An ideal destination for an offbeat travller, the best part about Bhutan is perhaps the Herculean climb to the Taktsang Monestary. Select the Bhutan Tour package with Heena Tours.

United States - the Epicenter of entertainment and work

The USA tour takes you to all the dreamy destinations and would still leave you for wanting more. Checkout the USA Tour Packages to know more.

Dubai - A Shopaholics' Paradise

The Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the grandest events that take place in Dubai, with people flocking from all parts of the world coming there. Book a Dubai Tour Package to witness it and go on a shopping spree.

Far East - where traditional meets modern culture

In the far east, along with enjoying the beauty of the place, enjoy shopping with a vast variety that they have to offer! Book your Far East Tour with Heena Travels.

Bhutan Tour Packages - Visit The Land of Happiness

Plan your vacation with Heena’s customized Bhutan tour packages. Enjoy your Bhutan tours & dine the food prepared by “Rajasthani Maharaj”. Travel to Bhutan by the best Bhutan holiday packages with Heena and have a wonderful travelling experience. Explore the beautiful places of Bhutan by travelling around these popular tourist attractions. The Bhutan tourism packages are prepared to make your Bhutan tours a memorable trip of your life.

Ultimate fun enriched USA and Canada tours

Be the part of the ultimate form of traveling while choosing to tour in USA and Canada. Explore the historical as well as the modern cities of the amazing part of the world through roaming around in very comfortable vehicles with the travel enthusiasts. USA tours and Canada tours are famous among the world travelers because of its unique beauty, culture and mind blowing locations where it could not be found in the other part of the world. Well, in other words, it is the tour of life and one should definitely visit this place once.

As, the demand of this two marvelous cites is much more as compare to the other world destinations, A traveler would find the numerous of the tour plans comprise of the America tour packages as well as the Canada tour packages. If you are planning to roam around in these beautiful countries then do a certain research on the internet about the tour plans. Such, what the touring company will provide you during the trip. Which kind of locations that they will include in the tour and food, sightseeing, accommodation are some of the important criteria when it comes to choosing a USA trips and Canada trips.

Switzerland – The Heaven of the Earth

Located in the Western Europe, this country is blessed with the most amazing climate, panoramic views that could leave you speechless. If you are willing to make your holidays more pleasurable and full of adventure and excitements then we will recommend you to choose the Switzerland tours. The countryside of this place has attracted the millions of travelers worldwide. The scenic beauty of Switzerland cannot be compared with the others. It is unique.

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5 Must Things to Do in USA

Traveling to the America is one of the lifelong goals for some people. However, where should one start to visit this amazing country? Is the traveler familiar about the places of this stunning nation? Well, there are numerous of scenic sites, historical places, entertainment hubs where one could spend the leisure in bliss. Many governments of the America may get change in every four year but the experience the traveler will obtain here will remain one of the best traveling memories for his lifetime. Here we bring some of the eye-catching location that you will definitely consider to travel.


The Most Renowned Tourist Attraction of the World

The world is an exciting place to explore and see the things that one could only imagine in their dream.In international tours exploring the different cultures, meeting the people with dissimilar tastes and enjoying the food would change the meaning of the travelling through its experience. Here are some of the minds mumbling locations that are frequently visited by the travelers.

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The Picturesque Europe should be in everyone’s travel list

A dreamy road, the striking landscapes, the sky touching mountains, and above all their stunning greenery hiding behind the snow is nothing but the paradise of the earth. That is why Heena tours offer the unique and amazing tour plans for the people who are eager to visit the Europe in this chilling season. Here are the Packages that Heena tours and travel offers for the person who loves travelling more than anything does.

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Japan- Endless Discovery

Japan is the ultimate combination of the tranquility and chaos. Wherever you travel in this country, you will experience the both of it. The peaceful mountain scenery, the chaotic Tokyo, along with the rich heritage they receive from their ancestors. They will be proud the way Japanese people have preserved it. Japan tour *offers the limitless fun, comfort and distinct touring experience that you will not going to have while discovering the other terrain of the world. We are presenting some of the destinations that will give you the glimpse about *Japan tour. Here you go.

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China Like Never Before

One of the countries that have the ancient roots and spans the thousands of mile territory that enclose everything that any traveler needs. The journey to china could be a dream come true for the people who has the utmost affection for the history. Some of the places of china will take travel back you to the time when they were breathing. Alive.

We are presenting some of the amazing destination of the country who possesses the rich culture and numerous of traveling destinations that would entice you to take a tour around this country. Here they are.

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Go on Bhutan Tour and forget the rest!

The land of dragons, Bhutan is among the few places, which are blessed with the amazing scenery and rich cultural heritage. Bhutan tours are comprised of distinct picturesque locations along with the places that are suitable for the numerous adventurous activities. Bhutan trips are full of hiking, trekking camping in the jungle, if you are an avid adrenaline enrich activity lover. In other words, we can say that Bhutan Tours are full of fun and enjoyment.

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Make your Australia tour the memorable through visiting its famous destination

It is certainly the land of rich contrast and the spectacular beauty. You will see the distinct variety in every place you visit. Gold coast, brilliant cities, ancient rain forests, sand islands, national parks and deserts that make the Australia trip a memorable one. Here are some of the charming attraction of this amazing country that will lure you to travel to this part of the world.

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List of Amazing Tour Attraction of Japan

In other sense, it is the ultimate places for the travelers. Where you can think about spending the rest of your life. The astounding culture, ancient traditions, friendly people, incredible food along with the generosity of the Japanese will make you to stay here forever! Here is our guide of some of the best places where you should not miss if you are traveling to Japan. Travel to Japan, and live and breathe in the history, culture and the lifestyle of Japan.

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Top Tourists Attraction of New Zealand

The nature crafted scenic land, where the Academy award movies have been shot; the New Zealand is very small but encloses the amazing locations that are worth visiting. Coastal glaciers, rain forests, snow capped mountains, crystal clear rivers are the testimony of how New Zealand have become the talk of the world. Adrenaline junkies would love to be here as New Zealand Travels offers sky diving, jet boating, bungee jumping, skiing, along with the hiking around in the mountains makes the international adventurer lovers to be here and spend the quality time.

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The Luxury of Traveling to Singapore

Live on the luxurious lifestyle that one could only imagine in dream. Because, Singapore has those sightseeing attractions that has become the favorite for the world travel fraternity. It has wowed the millions of people worldwide through its charismatic beauty and destinations. You will not going to miss your home when you are on roaming around in this amazing place. Thus, Singapore Tour is a once in a lifetime. Travel to Singapore and witness the amazing destinations that gave us really hard time to describe in words. Here they are..


The Scintillating Tour of Japan

Why would one never imagine traveling to this amazing site? We all do. Japan is not a place to visit but a place to live! The cultural aspect of Japan distinguishes it from the others. It is the definitive place for the people who love to travel. The striking landscapes, the sky touching mountains, and above all their picturesque greenery is nothing but the paradise of the earth when you are going on Japan Tours. To convert your dreamy Japan holidays into the reality, Heena Tours and travels are offering the very competitive budget Japan Tours Packages.


The Wilderness of South Africa

This part of the African continent has so much to offer. There are numerous of destinations that would astound you thus, you will be confused to choose the particular site roam around. The official adventure capital of the world has around 3000 Km of the coastline where you could soak your body and have a favorite drink in your hand. The adventure activities take in account of the abseiling, white water rafting, along with the mountain biking and shark cage diving are some of the favorite adventure sports of the international traveling fraternity.