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10 Things to Do in Ahungalla

The island of Sri Lanka is wondrous, with misty mountains and serene beaches. There are however many overlooked locales worth visiting, such as the small coastal town of Ahungalla.

This luxury hotel is the largest and most well-known building in the town of Ahungalla, and is renown among Sri Lanka beach hotels. The hotel was designed by the infamous Geoffrey Bawa and was initially known as Hotel Triton when it was opened in 1981.


MH Mettananda

A concept that is intimate with Sri Lankan heritage and history, is that of the traditional Demon Mask that is commonly seen placed outside the doors of houses. Although one might find them to be intimidating, traditional Sri Lankan folklore states that these devilish facades are meant to be so horrifying, that they actually ward off evil spirits from the residencies where they are placed. One of the most prominent creators of these masks is MH Mettananda whose shop is located within a mere 10km of Ahungalla.


Dudley Silva

Located pretty much next to MH Mettananda, Dudley Silva is famous for producing quality batiks, a signature clothing export of Sri Lanka. If the colourful fabrics contained within do not interest you, then perhaps the 140-plus year-old building might be a subject of fascination.


Bandu Wijesooriya Dance Academy

Should you wish to witness the traditional art of dance that is prevalent across Sri Lankan tradition then the Bandu Wijesooriya Dance Academy should definitely be present on your list. The usual dance courses last one year, but special courses can be arranged for tourists who wish to familiarise themselves with this ancient practice.


Sailatalarama Vihara

Whether one is a tourist or Sri Lankan local, this is one place that is truly worth visiting. Situated on a domed hill overlooking spice plantations and lakes, if this Buddhist Temple's views won't take your breath away, then the 35 metre long Buddha statue will do the trick.


Madu Ganga

The Madu River, traditionally referred to as the 'Madu Ganga', is an adventure on its own. A boat ride through this iconic river will be sure to enable you to glimpse a bounty of flora and fauna that the river and her surrounding areas are known for.


Kechimalai Mosque

This historical mosque was built by the first settlement of Muslims on the island of Sri Lanka, and plays host to a major Eid-Ul-Fitr festival that takes place annually at the end of Ramadan. In addition to the Kechimalai Mosque, there is a small assortment of intriguing mini mosques in the surrounding area.



Perhaps the most popular eating establishment in the area, Kandoori offers a wide variety of North Indian cuisine in the evening, and popular lunch-fare such as Biriyanis in the daytime hours.


Kosgoda Sea-Turtle Conservation Project

A volunteer-run project that has lasted more than 18 years, this should definitely be on your list should you wish to see the threatened Sea-Turtle and become aware of the efforts put forth to maintain its existence.


Ahungalla Beach

The main attraction of Ahungalla will always be her pristine and unspoilt beach, so if you're going to take a visit to Ahungalla, then it will not be complete unless you're to set foot on one of the most iconic and beautiful beaches of the tropical island of Sri Lanka.
So there you have it, ten reasons to visit the coastal town of Ahungalla, a fairly secretive corner of Sri Lanka that is still fairly untouched by the booming tourism trade and lies unspoilt and true to her traditional roots.

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