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Get an Amazing Smile with Orthodontics

Who doesn't want an amazing smile? Often that means straightening up teeth. While you can do this with other cosmetic dental treatments, orthodontics can be the healthiest choice. A top dental specialist in Brooklyn can create a beautiful, long-lasting smile that you could be enjoying for the rest of your life.


Why Choose Orthodontics for Your Smile Makeover?

Most people do not have teeth that are perfectly aligned and while there are various ways you can straighten them cosmetically, including using veneers and crowns, it can often be better to work with your natural teeth and to straighten them using the very latest braces supplied by a top rated dentist. The advantage of doing this is that it will help preserve more of your natural tooth structure and any reshaping that needs to be carried out at the end of treatment is more likely to be relatively minor and may only affect a few of your teeth rather than multiple teeth, as is often the case with veneers and crowns.

Additionally, some people may find their dental health improves as a result of teeth straightening. Having teeth that bite together properly makes it easier to chew and speak, reduces wear and tear on your teeth and on your temporomandibular joints that hinge your lower jaw.


Modern Braces Can be Incredibly Discreet

Envy Smile Dental Spa has a huge range of orthodontic systems that can help to discreetly straighten your teeth, correcting any problems with your bite. We are extremely skilled in helping to realign your jaws which in turn can provide the correct support for your cheeks and lips, helping you achieve a beautifully balanced facial appearance. Options for straightening your teeth include the very latest clear removable aligners and wireless braces.


How Do I Know Which Brace Will Be Best?

The choice of orthodontic systems may seem bewildering, but a consultation with a leading dentist in Brooklyn will help determine the right option for you. It all depends on the issues requiring correction, as for example if you have problems with your bite then treatment is likely to be more complex and may take a bit longer to complete.

If the problems requiring correction are quite straightforward, it is often possible to use a cosmetically oriented brace and a good example is Invisalign. This is a popular removable braces system consisting of clear plastic aligners and it can be particularly suitable for adults. Invisalign is great at correcting numerous orthodontic problems and it has little impact on everyday life.


Why Choose Invisalign?

One of the main reasons why this system is so popular is because it is so easy to use. Treatment is pre-planned using Invisalign’s special software which produces virtual images of how your teeth will move, right up until treatment is finished. Patients particularly like being able to preview their new smile even before they wear their very first aligner. Although Invisalign is frequently used for adult orthodontics, it can be suitable for some teens.


Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign can be suitable for older teens that can be relied on to wear their aligners as directed and it does produce a system especially designed for teenagers. Invisalign Teen is made to accommodate teeth yet to erupt and it has special wear indicators located towards the back of the aligners. These are colored blue and gradually fade as the aligner is worn. This is a very useful way for dentists and parents to check compliance, as otherwise if the aligners are being constantly left out, treatment will be affected and could take longer to complete. Invisalign also recognizes that teenagers tend to lose things and includes several sets of free replacement aligners in this system!


Orthosnap - Another Wire-Free Solution

Another option for adults is called Orthosnap which is also wire-free. This system is very similar to Invisalign and uses clear removable aligners. If necessary, treatment with Orthosnap can be adjusted as your teeth change positions, providing a greater degree of flexibility during treatment.


Six Month Smiles - Get a Straighter Smile in as Little as Six Months

Unlike Invisalign and Orthosnap, this is a fixed brace so the brackets will remain permanently bonded onto your teeth for the duration of treatment. These brackets are amazingly discreet as they are clear and are attached to thin, tooth colored wires. Six Month Smiles uses low forces to comfortably re-position your teeth, delivering results that are fast yet effective. As you might have guessed from the name, many people will complete treatment in just six months. This is just one possible option that might be suggested by your best Brooklyn dentist.


How Often Will I Need to See a Dentist?

Once treatment begins, you will be supplied you with several sets of aligners, with each set being worn for two weeks before it is exchanged for the next set in the series. You will probably only have to come and see a dentist every six to eight weeks, just so we can check your progress and so we can provide you with additional sets of aligners to continue treatment. If you wear fixed braces, we will need to see you every so often to make any necessary adjustments and to check treatment is proceeding as we planned.


How Long Does Orthodontic Treatment Take to Compete?

This is a common query but is tricky to answer without having your teeth and jaws examined by one of our dentists. Relatively minor problems only affecting the front teeth can be corrected quite quickly, sometimes in just a few months. Quicker treatment also lowers the cost. However, most people will take about a year, while some more complex treatments could take slightly longer. Afterwards, you will almost certainly need to wear retainers. These can be fixed or removable and will prevent your teeth from drifting back towards their original positions, ruining all your hard work. There is no need to worry as retainers are very discreet. Removable retainers can look just like clear removable aligners, while fixed retainers may consist of a thin wire that is bonded onto the inner or back surfaces of your teeth so it cannot be seen but is in permanently in place, preventing tooth movements.


Cosmetic Dentistry for That Finishing Touch After Orthodontics

Once your teeth are in the correct positions, you can decide if you wish to have any further treatment, perhaps to correct the size or shape of teeth that may be damaged or worn down and often teeth whitening can provide the final touch.

By choosing orthodontic treatment, you can end up with a beautifully attractive and long-lasting smile that may well be healthier. Another advantage of choosing orthodontics is that it can be cheaper in the longer-term. You will not need to think about renewing veneers or other restorations that might otherwise have been used to straighten up your smile. Instead you can enjoy naturally healthy and straight teeth that with the proper care will hopefully last you for life.

Everyone here at Envy Smile Dental Spa is skilled in creating beautiful smiles, just ask us for help and advice.