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GLEs: SS.5.B.3. Describe and use absolute location using a grid system.


Plotting Your Location - Geography For Kids - By

Description- This website focuses on latitude and longitude and how to find exact location.
Rationale- This website clearly describes the vocabulary terms, latitude, longitude, exact and relative location. This site thoroughly explains the concept in terms that a 3rd or 4th grader would understand and it also provides extensions for students to practice the concept.

Website at

Description-This site acts as a kids encyclopedia and describes latitude and longitude.
Rationale-This site is helpful when learning about geography terms and exact and relative location. It gives a clear explanation to the terms and is easy for students to understand.

GridMapper by QRZ.COM

Description- This website focuses on plotting degrees and pin-pointing the exact location.
Rationale- Students will be able to understand how the degrees can be plotted to find exact location. This site will mainly be used to plot points and find the degrees that go with the location of the point.

This kids' educational game requires a more recent version of Flash

Description- This site allows students to practice map skills by locating gold coins using x and y axis coordinates. Collect all the coins to answer the secret message and unlock the treasure chest!
Rationale- This allows students to practice plotting points and using coordinates on the x and y axis to find exact location .

Longitude and Latitude Meaning Definition for kids

Description- This video helps explain Latitude and Longitude lines on a globe.
Rationale-Students need to understand how Latitude and Longitude lines work on a globe in order to find exact location via coordinates.

Longitude and Latitude song

Description- This video focuses on the explanation between latitude and longitude.
Rationale- This video give a simple definition of latitude and longitude in a way that is easy to remember.

Longitude and Latitude

Description- This quiz called Longitude and Latitude allows you to practice plotting the coordinates using degrees.
Rationale- This quiz provides students with practice of their knowledge of plotting points in a technology setting.

Latitude and Longitude - interactive skill builder

Description- Animated diagram of the globe that tests your knowledge of finding coordinates.
Rationale- This game can be used as an extension to help students use their knowledge of plotting points in a fun setting that will keep their interest.

Latitude and Longitude Games

Description-Latitude and Longitude Game for plotting coordinate points.
Rationale- This link provides first hand practice and an extension for those who are beginning to understand exact location.

Website at

Description- This article focuses on the idea of relative location.
Rationale- This is a great article for students learning about relative location because it gives multiple examples of relative location and definitions as well.