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Top Attorneys in Texas

Best ways to hire Good Lawyer When You Really Need One

Need to hire a lawyer? Read the blog post to learn four qualities of a reliable contender.

Reasons You Should Consider Hiring A Family Lawyer

Depending on your family dynamics, a family law attorney might be a great idea.Here are 4 reasons why you might need a family lawyer.

Six questions you should ask when hiring potential lawyer

Here are 6 questions you can ask to your lawyer to help you decide if an attorney is right for you.

The Difference between Legal Aid and a Public Defender - Lawyer Referral Service

Which lawyer is the right option for your case? Here are a few things that you should know about legal aid and public defender to help you move forward with your case.

Choose the Right Lawyer for You

Having the right lawyer for your legal need is important. Our lawyers have been screened and are ranked by their experience level. Most have at least 10 years of experience in their practice area. We have lawyers in most areas of the law including family law, criminal matters, traffic problems, car wrecks, DWI, and consumer issues. Call us now.

Ways Your Lawyer Can Help You with Your Divorce - Lawyer Referral Service

When it becomes apparent that you can’t work out your differences with your spouse, planning for a divorce starts to become an overwhelming reality. Thinking through all of the financial and logistical aspects of a divorce, not to mention the emotional component, can leave little room for anything else. We all have lives, and getting a lawyer can reduce the stress and time you have to spend preparing yourself for the legal proceedings. Divorce attorneys are experienced in getting clients on track with as little hassle as possible. Here are a few ways that an Austin Divorce attorney can help with your divorce.

FAQs of Child Support and who pays for it?

Read the blog post and get answers to all your questions pertaining to child support laws in Texas.

How to prove you are innocent when wrongfully accused of crime

It’s impossible to save yourself from the horror or the disastrous consequences that are caused because of you being falsely accused of the crime you haven’t committed. Subsequently, you are made to spend time with other criminals in the prison. It’s not just you but anyone could come across such dismal circumstances. The solomon’s key, however, is to be aware of your rights. This blog post gives you three common circumstances that can lead innocents to jail along with a solution. Have a look!

Benefits of using a Lawyer Referral Services

If you need legal aid but unsure from where to begin, lawyer referral services can help. This blog post discusses all that you need to know about lawyer referral services in your area.

Find the right lawyer for your legal needs.

Are you looking for an attorney for your legal needs? Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) meets the high standards of the American Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas. This non-profit service has more than 200 lawyers, and most of them have a minimum of 10 years’ experience in over 50 areas of law. LRS offers help with family law, criminal law, personal injury, business law, and more.

Divorce is one of the most difficult times in a couple’s life. Whether the marriage is short-lived or long-term, you may need a lawyer to guide you through many legal and financial decisions. How do you find the right lawyer? Many people are confused when looking for a divorce attorney as they may not know where to begin or what to consider. A lawyer referral service can help with options when you need to hire an experienced family lawyer who can handle matters such as the divorce process itself, child support, visitation, spousal support, asset distribution, and custody when children are involved. The blog discusses some of the essential points to consider when finding a family lawyer.

Going Through a Divorce With Children: Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

Finding a good attorney who can help that your children are financially supported by both parents.

5 Important LRS Membership Rules To Know About

Lawyer Referral Service provides public service to individuals who are in need of obtaining legal services at a reasonable fee. The blog discusses three important LRS membership rules to know about, if you are seeking effective legal counsel at economical prices. Take a look.

Understanding Texas Personal Injury Laws: The Basics and How to Go About a Claim

Read the blog post to learn about the basics of personal injury laws in Texas and make a claim against the cause of your suffering and injuries.

Personal Lawyer Does more than solving your legal issues

Individuals often need the assistance of a personal lawyer in several scenarios they thought they could get away with easily. We discuss three such situations where personal lawyers make things easy for their clients.

Hire a family lawyer for your Divorce, custody and family law cases in Austin

Are you struggling to handle any legal matter like divorce, child custody, adoption, domestic violence in Texas country?. This post highlights some tips for hiring the right divorce attorney for you.

5 Things you need to know about personal injury laws in Texas

Read the blog post to learn in detail about personal injury laws in Texas.

Tips for successful personal injury settlement claim amount

Determining a fair amount for the settlement is, however, quite challenging. Read the blog post to learn about the factors governing personal injury settlement claim amount.

Avail Lawyer Referral services to Find Reputable Business Lawyers in Texas.

Trained staff at Austin LRS, give you the personalized attention to find the right business lawyer for your legal matters, such as business litigation, contracts, and partnerships.

Defenses Available in Personal Injury Lawsuits

Are you a defendant in a personal injury case? Read on to learn some defense strategies you can adopt to reduce the amount of compensation you’ll be required to pay to the plaintiff.

4 Types of Legal Fees Charged by Lawyers for Legal Services

Not sure about the type of fee to expect from your lawyer? Here are four common types of lawyer’s fee usually charged by lawyers for legal services.

All that You Need to Know About Limited Scope Representation

This post gives an overview of the affordable limited scope representation services and how it can help you in family law matters.

4 Qualities You Can Develop by Enrolling in a Legal Volunteer Program in Texas

Read the blog post to learn about the qualities you can develop as a law professional through legal volunteering programs in Texas and elsewhere.

Must-Attend Community Events for Every Lawyer

The post covers several law community events in Austin, TX that benefit lawyers in terms of increased client-base.

4 Instances Where Small Businesses Need to Hire A Business Lawyer

Skeptical about hiring a business lawyer? This post incorporates four scenarios where hiring a lawyer is a must for small business owners.

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