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Checklist for Beginners – Cycling to your Heart's Content

So you finally got that much anticipated new-fangled bicycle and are raring to go; well whether you are planning on being a regular commuter or weekend rider, do take time to peruse the following.


City Cycling Basics

The type of bike is not of much relevance here however city bikes and hybrid versions are well recommended. The most essential gear is your helmet as this will protect your head in case of an accident – invest in a quality one.



Take along a puncture repair kit as it is essential in case of sudden tyre emergencies; although the quality of modern bicycle road tyres offer excellent value grades. Together with the puncture kit make sure to pack a mini pump for inflating your tyre once the puncture is fixed.


Tools and Light

A mini toolkit packed with your essentials will make sure you are equipped to take care of small repairs that may crop up. Lights, of course, are a legal requisite after dark, plus they ensure you stay safe. Reflective clothing too is recommended for night riders as the garments alert motorists of riders on ill-lit roads.


Mud Guards

Utterly important for commuters travelling to work, mud guards will ensure you stay splash free when riding to work. Invest in a pair and fit your bicycle up. Waterproof clothing too works miracles on those rainy days; they ensure you arrive in office dry and clean.


Luggage Transfers

Heading back home entails stops for groceries or other necessities, as such investing in a rucksack, bicycle basket or pannier rack and bag will prove to be pretty handy in transporting some extra luggage.


Sports – Leisure or Fitness Riding Essentials

Mountain bikes, road bikes or hybrids are recommended for recreational riding. Built for tough terrain the bicycles are able to handle a variety of topography. Ensure your cycle is fitted with the correct tyre for the type of riding you plan on making. Today cycle tyres are manufactured to cater to specific needs with high durability capabilities. DSI Tyres offer a range of specialised cycle tyres that are good examples of how modern technology has enhanced your riding experience – today tyres play a major role in a bikes performance.


Take Along Plenty of Hydration

Taking along plenty of hydration is essential especially if you are off into remote territory. A rider is constantly exposed to the elements of nature while burning energy and hydration is essential to keep going and stay fit and healthy. Sports drinks are essential in alleviating cramping that may occur during a cycling tour. Consider fitting your bike with a water bottle cage and bottle as well as a hydration pack.



Long bike tours mean you burn more energy; in this regard, you need to keep refuelling your body in order to keep going. Take along plenty of energy bars, energy gels and drinks. This type of food can be consumed while riding and does not require long stops.

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