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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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What to Pack to Visit Maldives – Watch Out Sunny Climate!

We all know gorgeous Maldives is a tropical haven; pass over the woollies and pack light for loads of days chilling on the beach. There are of course a few must take essentials read on & be prepared.



Pack lightweight clothing. Comfortable cottons and plenty of shorts and t-shirts are recommended. But do note the Maldives is a Muslim nation and to dress conservatively is respecting another's culture. You can dress as you please at any of the luxury Maldives resorts; however when out and about the local islands make sure to be properly covered and not offend the locals. During sightseeing excursions too you will visit many vintage mosques that deem it necessary to cover shoulders and knees; for these purposes take along a lightweight cotton pashmina which you can throw over your shoulders when needed. A comfortable pair of cotton or linen slacks too will work great for staying cool and covering up when necessary. Also remember that many of the luxury hotels Maldives is home to, offer gourmet dining at night and observe dress codes, such as longs for men. In this regard two pairs of slacks and classy evening dress or two will do.



Fashion swimwear certainly looks fabulous on a well-tanned body; one that you will work hard on acquiring while on holiday in the tropics. It is necessary to point out that the Maldives is surrounded by water and much of the activity takes place in or over the Indian Ocean. It is also hard to resist plunging into the warm ocean every time you hit the beach; as such remember to pack swimwear that is also practical to swim in. You will be indulging in loads of swimming, snorkelling and even diving while there. Book yourself an over water villa at places such as PER AQUUM Huvafen Fushi and you will be diving into your personal patch of ocean; right from your private terrace. So pack some practical yet fabulous swimwear for loads of fun in paradise.


Protection from the Sun

The Maldives enjoy a sunny climate for most parts of the year and it is necessary to be prepared for endless days of golden sunshine. A good pair of sunglasses is a must for excursions across the ocean or simply enjoying the beach. You will also need to pack sunscreen and some head gear for shielding yourself from the afternoon sun. Insect repellents may prove to be extremely handy especially at night or when visiting the uninhabited islands.


Cameras and Dry Bags

Stunning and awe inspiring are some of the words that come to mind when touring the Maldives. And a picture speaks a thousand words; take back memories of your time there by packing a good quality camera. Invest in a dry bag for carrying your personal belongings as most of your travel will be over water and it is quite a trick to keep belongings dry all the time.



Last but not least; footwear should be a combination of casual and semi-formal. Flip flops work best on the sandy shores while for those classy dinners at the luxurious resort restaurants you may want to take along a good pair of sandals or strappy heals. Do remember that most resorts are built on the beach and sandy surroundings are best tackled in flip flops or barefoot. Pack light in the footwear department.

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