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Things to do in Weligama

Weligama is a little beach town located around 2.5 hours to the south of Colombo. If you're looking for a memorable holiday, here are some interesting things to do in Weligama


Lounge on the beach

Weligama forms part of the picture-perfect western coastline of Sri Lanka and is home to a gorgeous beach. To get the best out of the beach stay, ensure you make a booking at a Hotel in Weligama such as the new We Escape; this way, you'll enjoy the beach whilst being pampered by the hotel's staff catering to your every whim.


Go surfing

Weligama is one of the best surfing locations on the western coast. Regardless of you being a beginner or expert, the Weligama Bay is the ideal spot. Surf lessons will cost you less than $5 per hour while you can rent a board for anywhere between $15 and $25. Windsurfing too is very popular in the region.


Whale watching

A few minutes' drive will take you to Mirissa, another awesome beach village. Hop on board a guided boat early in the morning and head off into the Indian Ocean and behold the awesome sight of Blue, Sperm and Humpback whales. Watch them leap out of the water, to come crashing back down and also do amazing belly flops, which are a treat. Don't forget your cameras. The whale watching season is during the months between December and April, therefore if it is one of your key interest areas, plan your holiday accordingly. Dondra Head, Sri Lanka's southern-most point is also another great place to go whale watching.


Visit the Turtle Watch Rekawa

Head further south from Weligama, passing the town of Tangalle to visit a fascinating turtle hatchery.Of the seven major sea turtle species, five of them, namely Green, Leatherback, Olive Ridley, Loggerhead and Hawksbill turtles come to this area in the night to lay eggs. You can join hands with the Turtle Watch Programme here to explore the turtles' behaviour at night and also release baby turtles back into the ocean.


Diving and snorkelling

The best season to go diving in Weligama is between October and May. Many divers have reported having seen whale sharks and manta rays during their dive expeditions. Most of the dive sites in the region vary between 15m and 30m, where you can witness spectacular rock formations and many types of molluscs. The shoreline in Weligama is shallow, thus sets the stage for snorkelling from the shore. Your safety is of paramount importance and all diving and snorkelling expeditions are conducted by highly trained, PADI qualified instructors.


Hummanaya Blowhole

Located just a few miles from Weligama is Sri Lanka's only known blowhole, Hummanaya. It is also considered to be the second largest in the world! The water fountain shoots up every ten minutes or so and reaches heights of up to 25m.


Kushta Raja Gala

This "larger than life" sized statue is believed to be one of the best representing Mahayana Buddhism in Sri Lanka and dates back to the period between the 7th and 9th centuries. Folklore states that a foreign king washed ashore in Weligama suffering from an incurable disease. A local doctor had cured him and it is in his honour that the statue was built.