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Quick Guide on Things to do in Galle – A Journey Through Colonial Sri Lanka

Located in the South of Sri Lanka, Galle is a beautiful historic city that offers a holistic dose of everything wonderful about this island. To learn more about Galle below are some things to do here.


Explore the Structure of The Galle Fort

Although the term Galle Fort generally implies to Old Galle complete with the many streets and buildings within, the Fort is in actuality a mighty structure that was first constructed by the Portuguese and then modified by the Dutch. Today much of this structure can still be witnessed in its original glory and you will actually be amazed at the thickness of these walls built up with the purpose of protecting the commercial city that it once was. The Galle Fort can be accessed by the Main Gate which is yet another historical structure that is worthy of admiration. The walls of the Fort are found on the Eastern side and actually line 3 sides of the city; the sides surrounded by sea. You can actually take a walk and cover around seventy percent of this wall which actually makes for a relaxing experience. While you are at it don't miss the Flag Rock which is located at the Southern End of the Fort walls and is best viewed at sunset.


Pay a Visit the Museums in Galle

Being a city etched with rich history, Galle houses a myriad of museums that showcase different features of this city. The National Museum has a collection of age old artefacts that range from pots and pans to jewellery and what not. It showcases the lifestyle from the colonial era and beyond and literally takes you on a journey across the yesteryears of this nation. Then there is the Marine Archaeological Museum and the National Maritime Museum which are probably the favourites here. As the name has it, this takes you through the maritime history in Sri Lanka and exhibits along these lines are even more interesting.


Explore the Historical Buildings in Galle

Galle is home to nearly 400 historical building, most of which still stand in their original glory. The Dutch Reformed Church is one such religious structure that is definitely worth a visit. Constructed in 1640 and renovated in 1750, the church looks as though it was planted from age old England and exhibits a beautiful baroque exterior. Another historic place of worship is the mosque within the Galle Fort, although not as old as the church, it is equally alluring and is still actively utilized by worshippers 5 times every day.


Stroll along the Pedlar and Parawa Streets

Galle still retains a strong historic vibe in all areas within the Galle Fort. In fact the narrow Pedlar and Parawa Streets are paved, and lined with age old structures on either side making it feel like European streets from days of old. The rich history evident in Galle has drawn to this city some of the finest boutique hotels in Sri Lanka. If you are craving to learn more about this city, consider staying at the Mosvold Hotels in and around Galle and take your time exploring its streets and many treasures.

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