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Agile Marketing

A collection of articles, blogs, blog posts and other thoughts about Agile Marketing Methods

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A blog full of useful articles about agile.

Ready, Fire, Aim – A Manifesto for Agile Marketing « Information Maven: Greg Meyer

Agile Marketing: How to succeed at high speed during great ambiguity The Agile Manifesto describes 12 principles for creating software: Customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of useful software...

Marketers Confer To Create Own Agile Manifesto |

Earlier this week, a group of more than 30 marketers gathered with the intention of coming up with a manifesto for "agile marketing," which rejects the conventional, linear process of big ideas leading to big launches requiring big budgets. Rather, it favors microstrategies, or "sprints," toward relatively short-term goals.

Agile Marketing Blog |

In this 8th installment of his series on Agile Marketing, Greg Meyer discusses prioritization and the value of getting the important things right. (full post…)

PR Communications: Agile Marketing Event: SprintZero

Agile marketing is a process for managing marketing campaigns, it uses the ideas developed from agile development. A group of marketers who are practicing the method have come together to develop the first industry wide conference on agile marketing in...

Warning: Agile Marketing Ahead

If you're not practicing Agile Marketing, what are you waiting for? Learn why Agile Marketing is gaining momentum.

Agile Marketing is About Iteration not Repetition | Conspire: A Mindjet Publication

It’s easy to get complacent. In French there is an expression “métro, boulot, dodo” which roughly translates to “same thing, different day”. We’re creatures of habit, so settling into a nice routine is something that naturally happens. While we find routines comfortable, they spell trouble for marketing departments...

Agile Marketing

A board about agile marketing. Please post your shots of scrum and sprint boards. Ping me @johncass if you'd like to contribute to the board.

Agile Marketing - Only Dead Fish

Image courtesy As part of my ongoing obsession with all things agile, I've written up a summary of some key practices around Agile Marketing, building on the principles outlined in The Agile Manifesto. This is also cross posted over on...

The Agile Marketing Manifesto - Blog - PJ Srivastava

Comparisons between software development and marketing

Thoughts From a Software IT Analyst: A Draft Agile Business Manifesto (& Agile Marketing Manifesto)

More than a decade ago, the experience of several far-seeing developers drove an Agile Development Manifesto that has more than stood the test of time. Now, finally, other areas of the business are considering equivalent follow-on manifestos of their own – in particular, an Agile Marketing Manifesto.

Out to Launch: A Manifesto for Agile Marketing

I learned a lot more about agile than I thought I ever would, and I realized there are a lot of similarities behind the original agile software principles and what marketers should do for their customers (sales, executives, end customers, etc.)

Ideas for an agile marketing manifesto - Chief Marketing Technologist

While working on an article for Search Engine Land, Agile Marketing For Conversion Optimization, it struck me that there really should be an Agile Marketing Manifesto. Just as the Agile Manifesto helped coalesce a diverse collection of software developers and...

Strategy - What Is Agile Marketing, and Why Is It Essential to Marketing Operations? : MarketingProfs Article

Subscription Marketing Profs. Strategy - Why is agile marketing imperative to marketing today? Here are four reasons marketers should implement agile marketing—...

Agile Marketing Pioneers | Ant's Eye View

Last week, I had the pleasure of moderating a panel of Agile Marketing thought leaders at Social Media Club Seattle.  Joining me onstage were Jonathon Coleman, Greg Meyer, and Kevin Scott

iTunes - Podcasts - Marketing Agility Podcast by Frank Days and John Cass

Download past episodes or subscribe to future episodes for free from Marketing Agility Podcast by Frank Days and John Cass on the iTunes Store.

StartupJAM Friday - Agile Marketing

A conversation between two business marketers @boydjane and @martikonstant debrief regarding the Agile Marketing event in SFO

Sprint0 - First Agile Marketing Meeting Live BlogScentTrail Marketing by Marty Smith

Jim and John,My thanks to both of you for running a superior event. The standouts for me today were your intelligent structure, soft touch that kept us moving and the honor of being present at what I am sure will be a historic event, the beginning of a new revolution - the Agile Marketing Revolution :). Marty

The Making of a Manifesto by Jim Ewel

On Monday, we held the first ever gathering of Agile Marketers at an event called SprintZero. There have been a number of wonderful summaries and recaps of