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Where Did Our Algebra Come From?

Origins of algebra | Introduction to algebra | Algebra I | Khan Academy

This brief video gives you a bare bones beginning look at where we got Algebra from. This will simply give you an overview so that the rest of the list will make a bit more sense! I chose this video because I have high regards for Khan Academy and I believe they do good work in educating the world on a vast array of information.

Sumerian/Babylonian Mathematics - The Story of Mathematics

Explore a little into the widely believed origins of Algebra,, or at least fragments of the ideas that would be later developed. I chose this article because they expand on a wide variety of Babylonian mathematics, not just Algebra but symbolic math, varying base value systems, etc.

Mathematicians who Contributed to Algebra - Euclid of Alexandria

A brief introduction to the life of Euclid of Alexandria. Although he contributed to Geometry the most, he still developed key aspects of Algebra. I chose this because it is focusing on one specific, very important mathematician and includes a wide variety of things in his life.


Mathematicians of the Greco-Roman world

Mathematicians of the Greco-Roman world

600 BD - 400 AD. Here, you can see where all of these huge players in Algebra resided. Any one of these could be considered pinacle to our Algebra because if we didn't have one of them, we would have a hole in what we have now! I chose this map because it's good to be able to recognize and see where specifically, our math comes from. Now this is by far not the only places that all our people come from but a good number of them.

Diophantus | Biography & Facts

Here's a good article on the life and work of Diophantus. He is considered second in the list of mathematicians after the Babylonians. I like this article because not only does it give a thorough expansion of what he did but it also connects his work to more modern mathematicians' work and how his work influenced people closer to us in history.

The Story of Algebra, Part 3. al-Khwarizmi

The third segment of a four part video series. This specifically addresses Al-Khwarizmi, who actually created the word that "Algebra" came from and more! I chose this because Al-Khwarizmi is foundational in the development of Algebra, plus this man is extremely thorough in teaching this. There are other parts too so feel free to explore the other parts!


Expansive Image of What All Algebra Is

Expansive Image of What All Algebra Is

Here is visual representation of all things algebra and how they all relate to one another. I chose this because this will help as you read more about various mathematicians, you'll be able to see where in this map they were plugged into and influenced.

Archimedes and His Contributions to Mathematics

A short presentation of Archimedes. He contributed to many other fields of science and math but Algebra was a big one. Ranging from pi to powers of 10, this man did it. I chose this because it is not too in-depth but gets the job done in giving you a taste of who Archimedes was.

A History of Algebra

Here is another large overview of the history of Algebra and includes some people that wasn't included in other articles. Even to this day, there is still controversy over who was and wasn't important. I chose this because, although it is lengthy, provides a plethora of information from a variety of sources and other links within it as well.

Aryabhatta known as father of Algebra - Kaysons

Aryabhatta came along a bit after Diophantus and was an extremely talented, diverse intellect that are a product of the Hellenistic era. I chose this because it represents the range of Hellenistic influence as well as establishing that the Greeks didn't do everything.