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Headline for Exploring Surakata Solo – Ancient Sultanate
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Exploring Surakata Solo – Ancient Sultanate

Surakata Solo is one of the two ancient sultanates that thrived in Central Java. Solo the smaller kingdom is by no mean less alluring and following is a list of the best attractions there.


Check Out the Batik at Klewer Market

Solo is well known for Batik and all fans should definitely visit Klewer market for many variations of this colourful fabric. Just about every hue and design associated with Batik art is available at the market as well as Batik in various qualities to suit every budget.


Browse the Antique Shops in Pasar Triwindu

The well-established antique and flea market of Solo, Pasar Triwindu is ideal for spending a lazy morning rummaging through the fascinating collection of vintage objects. Collectors are in for a treat for hidden within the hodge podge of items there are vintage leather puppets, ancient Javanese daggers, traditional decorations and much more. The market offers one the ambiance of a museum and although crowded is quite clean. Watch out though for amongst the genuine goods are fake antiques; not a problem if you have a keen eye for the real thing.


Indulge the Senses at Laweyan Batik Village

Laweyan Village was once home to wealthy batik merchants and is inherent of a rich history. The place is ideal for purchasing specialised batiks. Apart from this the vintage village offers one a chance to experience ancient lifestyles as you wander the alleys and narrow streets lined with classic buildings and olden day meeting spots. The chic boutiques too are quite an interesting browse for purchasing a variety of quality products. Located just 10 minutes from the Alila Solo hotel, Laweyan Batik Village's biggest treat is the ability to watch and indulge in the art of creating batik designs and products.


Visit the Old Royal Palace

Amongst things to do in Solo Indonesia is a visit to the Old Royal Palace. Mangkunegaran Palace Kasunana Palace as they are known locally offers a refreshing ambiance and large beautiful gardens to stroll through. There is a museum too although not well maintained; that offers an insight to the grandeur of Java's Sultanate.


Grand Mosque Kraton

An iconic landmark in Solo the Masjid Agung Kraton Surakarta is favoured by culture buffs as a fine example of intricate Javanese sculpture and architectural styles. The interior is quite impressive offering large open spaces and an ambiance of peace and tranquillity.


The Jaladara Steam Train

The old railway station of Sepur Kluthak Jaladara is located along the Slamet Riyadi Road. There you will come across an old black steam engine from the colonial era that's lovingly called the Jaladara Steam Train. Mind you the train is over a 100 years old and visitors literally que up for a chance to ride in it; early bookings are highly recommended. The train travels from Purwosari Station across the Surakata city centre to arrive in Sangkrah Station.

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