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What to Pack for a Maldives Trip – Gearing to Make the Most Out of Your Maldivian Holiday

All the sun, sand and water offer a plethora of fun things to discover in a destination like Maldives. To ensure you have everything you need in this tropical paradise, refer to the list below.


A Scarf to Cover up

Maldives is after all a moderately conservative Muslim country and you do not want to feel left out here during the countless sea plane journeys and transits that most people undergo in the process of getting to one's accommodation. Many of the tourists visiting this paradise of a nation choose a Maldives resort that is exclusive to one of their islands. Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort is one such resort and many of the other top notch accommodations are also of a similar category. Apart from the islands if you plan to head to the capital Male and do some sightseeing it is useful to have a scarf.



Unless you want to go home three shades darker with a couple of nasty burns to further adorn your brand new appearance, you better be well geared with a good sunscreen or sun block. They don't call it a tropical paradise for nothing and as much as you would love the excellent weather year round, unprotected kisses from the Maldivian sun is certainly not safe! You should look for SPF 50 and above if you want to be adequately safe guarded from the sun here and make sure you get yourself a good brand. It definitely is a worthwhile investment in a country like the Maldives.


Loose Comfortable Clothing

Maldives is an archipelago of over 1,000 islands and practically every "city" in this nation is a different island. The overdose of water is heavenly most times, however, it does come with a package of high humidity where you may many a times fear getting dehydrated with all the sweating. To feel comfortable at all times, savour the winds of Maldives and get yourself into loose comfortable clothing with ample room for the air to creep through from all sides. Cotton is a must in a place like Maldives and you will find Kaftans and loose tops a preferred choice for both walking around the city and lounging on the beach.


Shades and a Hat

The importance of sunglasses in a place like Maldives goes without saying really. As wonderful as it may feel for those visiting from colder places, the sun is a bit intense for the eyes in Maldives and a good polarized pair of shades really comes in handy. Top this with a nice hat and you are ready for the beach any time of the day.


Mosquito Repellent

Finally do not forget your repellent. Maldives like its neighbours has mosquitoes that make the usual surprise visits. Although many resorts are fumigated, mosquitoes may find a way to fly in where ever you are so much so that at times it feels as though mosquitoes have a special affinity to foreign blood. Be safe and pack a bottle of repellent.

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