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Culinary Tour to Sri Lanka – A Foodies Adventure

Sri Lankan cuisine is varied, exotic and quite mouth-watering. Spicy is the main factor while a collaboration of cuisine from the 4 main ethnic groups means the country is a foodie's haven.


The All Popular – Roti

Roti is widely available across the island. There are many variations to the roti in Sri Lanka; an all-time favourite is the pol roti which is a mix of wheat flour and shredded coconut dough, rolled flat and cooked on a skillet. Delicious with coconut relish – pol sambol, a good curry and butter. Then there is the Tamil version of roti which is a dough of oil and flour stretched very thin and cooked on a hot iron sheet. This is called Godamba Roti and is a tasty elastic like sheet that is great for mopping up curry. This roti is famous as cheese roti, chicken roti and sweet chocolate and banana filled roti topped with ice cream.


Rice and Curry

Never underestimate the power of rice and curry in Sri Lanka. It is a staple and ritually sought out by locals at lunch time. All Sri Lanka hotel properties will have a separate buffet spread of seasonal curries and variations of rice. Typically a rice meal will consist of rice served as a mound in the middle of plate with about 2 or three portions of vegetable curries and one meat curry dished around the rice. Spicy, fragrant and utterly delicious a balanced meal of rice and curry guarantees to hit the spot whenever hunger pangs come a calling.


String Hoppers

This is a kind of stringy noodle like cake made of red or white rice flour and steamed wheat flour. Delicious as a breakfast or dinner dish, string hoppers are best eaten with pol sambol, chicken curry and kiri hoddi- creamy white gravy made of coconut cream. Resort chains like Jetwing Hotels located across the island, are well known for a variety of local cuisine cooked and served to perfection. Many of the fine buffet spreads at the luxury Sri Lanka resorts offer tourists a chance to taste island delights.


Sea Food

A must try when in Sri Lanka the seafood is fresh and succulent. Just about any resort along the coast will boast a variety of seafood on its menu. You can order a whole fish cooked to perfection or go for local favourites such as spicy crab curry, devilled prawns and fried fish chunks. A good old spicy Sri Lankan fish curry is highly recommended to those of you ordering a batch of freshly baked roti.


Kottu Roti

One of the most popular street foods; the kottu rotti is made by shredding godamba roti together with vegetable, egg and meat. You have a choice of vegetable kottu as well. The ingredients are shredded and mixed in an amazing manner by skilled chefs – make sure to check out the intricate process of shredding and cooking the kottu.



Hoppers are a kind of pan cake cooked in a miniature wok. This in turn ensures the hopper comes out in the shape of a bowl with a soft centre. The hopper batter is made out of coconut milk, rice flour and yeast. Left to ferment the batter is poured into a hot pan and whirled around to form the bowl shaped hopper with very crispy sides.