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List of things I can use for my Thinklink Scotland project.


ThinkLink Background

ThinkLink Background

This is the picture of the famous Eilean Donan Castle in Scotland. I find this picture to be very visually appealing and it introduces students to a historical aspect of Scotland that attracts many tourists.

25 Amazing And Unique Things About Scotland

This video lists 25 facts about the culture and land markings of Scotland. I chose to include this because it gives multiple facts that could appeal to all students and quickly teaches the kids about the basics of Scotland. It includes many pictures and is easy to follow.

Scotland: Celtic Music 1 ♫

Students will be instructed to just listen, and not pay much attention to pictures. This video allows the students to listen to "Scotland" music. It is appealing to the ears and it lets the students dive more into the culture of Scotland.

VisitScotland - Scotland's National Tourist Organisation

This website introduces viewers to the traditions, places, attractions, and food of Scotland. I chose to use this website because it is fairly easy to navigate, it includes important information, and I think it will give my students a sense of cultural empathy.

Scottish Magic - Find It Here!

The site goes over basic Scottish information, facts, traditions, and also includes fun, quirky information such as Scottish recipes and an article on Scottish cats. I included it because it is easy to navigate and every kid should be able to find something on this website that interests them.

Famous Scottish People | Celebrity Scots

Website lists Scottish actors, singers, inventors, heroes, and sport stars. I included that because it will show the students that some of their favorite celebrities (such as Gerard Butler) are from Scotland.

Ancient History - explore ancient civilisations through games and quizzes

Site offers many games and quizzes that can be used in Social Science classrooms. I included this because their are multiple game/quizzes concerning Scotland that the kids can play to gain more knowledge and test their already existing knowledge of Scotland.

This site offers many games that the kids can play. I chose to include this because many of the games deal with the historical aspects of Scotland. Some of the games overlap with the other website that I included for gaming purposes, but both sites contain unique games that will motivate my students to learn about different aspects of Scotland.


This site talks about Vikings. It includes information about their traditions, culture, and their time in Scotland. I chose this because I think it is important to know about the Vikings while learning about Scotland. It is easy to navigate, includes all the information needed, and offers a game that the students can play after reading the information.


Bagpipe and Kilt

Bagpipe and Kilt

This picture shows a man in a kilt playing a bagpipe. It will show the students a piece of Scotland culture (often what Scotland is best known for). I chose this picture because it is visually appealing and shows the students Scotland tradition.


Scotland Map

Scotland Map

This is a map of Scotland. I chose to use this so the students will see where Scotland is and what it looks like.