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Top Five Things to do in Kalutara – Experiences You Won't Forget

Located in the Western Province of Sri Lanka is beautiful Kalutara. Home to some of Sri Lanka's top tourist destinations, including Beruwana & Ingiriya, Kalutara offers its visitors many things to do.


Visit the Kalutara Chaitya and the Kalutara Bodhiya

The Kalutara Chaitya is one of the most famous temples in the Western region of Sri Lanka. Located on the South end of the Kalutara Bridge, this splendid stupa was built in the 1960's. The Kalutara Chaitya is the only hollow stupa in the world, and its interior is decorated with ornate paintings and murals. Located in close proximity is the Kalutara Bodhiya, and the sacred Bo tree here is one of the 32 saplings of the Sacred Bo Tree in Anuradhapura that are located around Sri Lanka and is, thus, directly descended from the Sacred Tree under which Lord Buddha attained enlightenment. The Kalutara Bodhiya is without a doubt one of the most sacred landmarks in Kalutara and is worth visiting.


Explore the Brief Garden

The Brief Garden is one of the masterpieces of landscaping in Sri Lanka. Located in the town of Beruwala, the Brief Garden was the estate of Sri Lanka's legendary architect and landscapist Bevis Bawa. Bawa, like his brother Geoffrey Bawa, converted his estate to one of the finest estates in Sri Lanka. The Brief Garden spreads over a vast area and has several breathtaking gardens and landscapes. Beautifully manicured lawns, luscious trees, quaint pathways, ornate fountains and garden decorations are plentiful at this garden, and it is also home to a diverse range of flora. The highlight of the estate has to be Bevis Bawa's house, which contains a priceless collection of art, books, antique furniture, while also being an architectural marvel. Visiting the Brief Garden is guaranteed to be a pleasant experience, and is one of the most recommendable things to do in Kalutara.


Frolic at the Beaches

There are many great beaches along the coastal belt of Kalutara. Thus, if you are a lover of the beach, Kalutara is sure to be an ideal destination. The Kalutara Beach, the most famous beach in the area, is an undisturbed stretch of golden sandy beach that is great for spending countless hours outdoors. The beach at Wadduwa, Panadura, is also known for its pristine conditions and awe-inspiring beauty. If you want seclusion in one of the most tranquil beaches in Kalutara head over to the Calido Beach; it may be small but it is definitely the most serene beach around. The beaches at Kalutara are extremely popular that many beach resorts, such as the Anantara Kalutara Resort, operate along the beautiful beaches.


Volunteer at the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery

If you are planning on staying for a bit of a long time in Kalutara and are a lover of wildlife, then you can volunteer at the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery. The beaches of Kosgoda are known for being nesting grounds for turtles. Unfortunately, turtles are an endangered species and one of the root causes for this is that turtle eggs and hatchlings are exposed to many dangers. At the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery, trained professionals collect the eggs off the beaches and keep them in secure incubation ground. Once they hatch the hatchlings are transported to special tanks until they are ready to be released to the ocean. Volunteering here is sure to be a rewarding experience, especially when you release the young hatchlings into the ocean.


Try out Mangosteens

If there was ever a fruit that put Kalutara on the map it would be mangosteens. These sweet and delicious fruits are sold in large quantities in Kalutara during the months of June to August. Taking a purple form and hard exterior, the slices of mouth-watering mangosteen inside are sure to leave you craving for more!

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