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Mammals in UAE – The Wild Side of UAE

If you thought that the UAE was merely a glitzy concrete jungle you clearly have not explored its authentic natural side. With a myriad of wildlife the mammals of UAE are among its biggest treasures.


Arabian Oryx

The Arabian Oryx is perhaps the most famous of all Arabian mammals and it is found in abundance in places like the UAE. There was a time it actually dominated the Arabian Peninsula and roamed freely in different regions however this grand status soon withered and the Arabian Oryx became extinct as a wild species somewhere in the 1960's. Since the late H.H. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan al Nahyan had a few animals in captivity he managed to breed them and thanks to his efforts several herds of the Arabian Oryx can be witnessed around the UAE today. The Arabian Oryx is the largest variety of antelopes and thrives well in the open desert. To enjoy spotting of the endangered Arabian Oryx consider a wildlife excursion from the Anantara Sir Bani Yas Island Al Yamm Villa Resort. Since it is one of the resorts in Abu Dhabi located within the Sir Bani Yas Island which is a developing wildlife sanctuary in itself, you are bound to encounter a good dose of UAE's favourite mammals here.


The Sand Gazelle

Yet another magnificent species, the Sand Gazelle is the second largest antelope species and usually goes up to 22 kilos in weight. Their distinct features are the elegantly long curved horns that appear in both males and females of the Sand Gazelle. Since they make the deserts their homes these creatures have adopted a beautiful light brown colour giving it their name. In the UAE the Sand Gazelle is regularly spotted and are actually found in large numbers mainly because they are the only antelopes that regular give birth to twins around two times a year. Any tour that covers the mammals of UAE will definitely include the Sand Gazelle.


Arabian Mountain Gazelle

The Arabian Mountain Gazelle is found mostly on the gravel plains located in the sandy areas of the Liwa. Unlike the other similar species mentioned here, the Arabian Mountain Gazelle is slightly smaller in size, has a delicate body and is a rather fast animal that can reach speeds up to 65 kilometres per hour whenever it has a need of escaping danger. The best part is the Arabian Mountain Gazelle has a unique appearance and is a real treat to lay eyes on. It has distinct facial markings of various shades of brown and two white stripes that extend from the eyes towards the nostrils. Most Mountain Gazelles can be spotted grazing at any time during dawn and dusk.



It looks a lot like a local rabbit this hare but it is strongly adapted to the harsh environment that is presented in the desert. The Hare unlike a rabbit does not make shelter in burrows rather it spends most of the day time sitting still with its ears folded back strongly relying on the naturally given ability to camouflage and be hidden in its background.

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