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Top Middle Eastern Foods - Relishing in One of the World Most Favourite Cuisines

Want to pamper your taste-buds with some healthy delicacies, try Middle Eastern cuisine and relish in the myriad of guilt free choices on offer. Below are some of the best dishes to try out.



Want to try the Arabian version of a traditional pizza; you have Manakeesh for you. This Arabian version of pizza is light, scrumptious and is usually consumed for breakfast. Unlike traditional pizza, Manakeesh is not always topped with the usual tomato based spread; this bread base is either topped with ground meat, cheese and even herbs. The herb version of Manakeesh is particularly delicious for the Zaatar that is used for this purpose has a tangy flavour making it all the more delicious.


Foul Meddanas

Now this is one Arabian dish that you will have a hard time not loving for it is absolutely interesting to say the least. Foul Meddanas is prepared using fava beans, parsley, onion, garlic and lemon combined with olive oil of course. The resulting mixture does not look too great but its unique taste certainly makes up for it.



Yet another famous Arabian snack, Falafel is made using chick pea and herbs which is first ground and then fried. You can either have this as a snack or better yet stuff it in some pita bread with some other veggies and you can get yourself a delicious balanced dinner. Falafel is one of those age old Arabian delicacies that have survived through generations. The likes of such vintage treats can be tasted at Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara ideal for those in search of a desert resort in Abu Dhabi where one can savour Middle Eastern cuisine.


Umm Ali

Now this is the Arabian version of bread pudding and is one delicious creamy delicacy that is consumed warm. Umm Ali originates from Egypt to be precise and is actually a hearty pastry that is slow cooked in milk and cream. Many include in these mixture tiny pieces of croissant, pistachios, raisins and condensed milk; the mosaic of ingredients makes this a real treat on the taste buds.



If you have not had Baklava, you have missed out the heart of Arabian desserts. This buttery filo pastry is combined with a variety of nuts and is coated with sugary syrup. A delicacy that dates all the way back to the Ottoman Empire, Baklava is without a doubt one of the most delicious desserts on the face of the planet.



Wherever you are in the world you would have probably heard of Hummus. Hummus is a dip made out of ground chick pea, a little garlic, sesame and olive oil and perfectly accompanies bread sticks and pita bread. You can even spread it inside a burger to add an Arabian touch to a traditional hamburger or just use it as a dip with some baked potato.

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