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Thinglink Project

Here is a list of resources that could be used for animal interviews.


Animal Interview (YouTube)

-This website focuses as being a visual aid for the students when completing the assignment.

-This resource shows what a completed animal interview will look like.



-This website focuses on using the students creative ability to work on certain projects.
-I choose this website because will help the students design their project.


St. Louis Zoo

-This website focuses on the different animals at the St. Louis Zoo.
-I choose this article because it will help the students with their research on their animal.



-This website focuses on children being able to record their voice in a kid friendly way.
-I choose this website because this will allow the kids to make a voice recording explaining their animal and what they want to do.


-This website focuses on organization of different materials
-I choose this website because this will allow the students to organize their thoughts about the animal.


Google Slides

-This website focuses on being able to share the students work in a kid friendly manner
-I choose this because it will allow the students to show their work and show how they learned throughout this process.



-This website focuses on the different types of habitats that animals live in.
-I chose this video because it is a fun way for the kids to learn about the different types of places that an animal can live in.


Understanding Habitats

-This website focuses on students playing interactive games about which type of animals live in a certain habitat.
-I choose this website because although they only need to chose one animal for this interview they can see what other animals live in the same habitat as their chosen animal .


Interview Questions

-I choose this because this will help the kids to think of questions for their animal.
-I think this will help with this assignment because they can use these questions to figure out a different response.


Mutt Maker

-This website game focuses on making your own bread of dog.
-I choose this website because it allows the students to create their own animal and dress it up.