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Headline for Top Attractions in Kowloon, Hong Kong – The Wonders of Kowloon
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Top Attractions in Kowloon, Hong Kong – The Wonders of Kowloon

A place for all tastes, Kowloon is adorned with so many attractions that it has become a highly popular holiday destination. Below are some of the favourites among tourists visiting the city.


Wong Tai Sin Temple

The cosmopolitan city of Kowloon although highly modern has a strong traditional side to it emulated by the many temples that are dotted around this city. The Wong Tai Sin is one such place of worship that is adorned with a myriad of spiritual treasures giving a strong feel of the faith practiced in Hong Kong. The highlight of the Wong Tai Sin Temple is the hermit housed within the premises who many believe accurately predicts the future of visitors. With a strong aroma of incense keeping you company one can enjoy a tranquil and relaxed feel at this place of worship. The cherry on the top of your temple tour is the 'Good Wish Gardens' which is located by the main building. A place to really bask in nature's wonders this garden has a collection of beautiful natural plants, rocks and even an artificial waterfall to add to the tranquil feel. This, without doubt, is an ideal spot for some relaxation after a busy day exploring Hong Kong.


Tsim Sha Tsu

To truly enjoy all sides of Hong Kong don't miss the shopping experience at Tsim Sha Tsu. Considered by many as the shopping hub in Kowloon, this terminal turned shopping hotspot is known for its myriad of clothes, shoes and jewellery. It is the fashion hub of Kowloon and for women, in particular, a holiday here is not quite complete without a visit to the Tsim Sha Tsu.


Jade Market

Shopping in Kowloon does not simply end with the Tsim Sha Tsu, for the Jade Market found in the city is equally alluring. This open air market displays a traditional setting and is located at the junction of Kansu Street and Battery Street and has over 400 stalls each selling an array of varying artefacts. As the name has it, jade earrings and jewellery are among the highlights of this market. There is also a collection of representations of animals such as dragons, tigers, or deer which locals believe is a sign of good fortune. For a unique set of Hong Kong souvenirs, the Jade Market has an excellent variety to choose from. If you are looking for a budget hotel in Hong Kong not too far from the shopper's side of this city the Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong is a fair choice since it is around 2 kilometres from popular shopping hotspots such as the Jade Market.


Kowloon Park

Kowloon Park is one of the best places to wind down after a long day exploring this city. An oasis of green to say the least, this park is located off Nathan road at the old British and Indian troop's barracks. The park is a stunning sight to savour and is adorned with a number of the city's vantage points such as a massive maze within the garden complex, an intriguing bird sanctuary and a large relaxing pool which is heavenly to chill out in.

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