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Updated by Emma Kalman on Dec 27, 2017
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9 Hair Colors Ideal for Men

Many men refrain from coloring their hair, and this is simply because they are unable to determine which color will work best for them. However, a little research can go a long way in this regard, but if you are still unable to find a color that works for you, the following 9 hair colors will help you make an informed decision.

Additionally, we find that colors can also add a touch of elegance when it comes to photographs. So, if you are getting married soon, consider a new stunning hair color to ensure your wedding photographs stand out. Maybe consult a wedding photographer to find out their opinion on different colors.


9 Hair Colors Ideal for Men

9 Hair Colors Ideal for Men

Many men may not look good in just any hair color but some work wonders. Finding the right color to suit your style ca enhance your overall appearance. This is especially true when it comes to being caught in photographs.


Medium Neutral Brown

If you have short cut spikes, this color with make you look ultra sexy. The neutral medium brown goes great with different skin tones but is best for guys with a neutral or fair-to-mid cool complexion. And by neutral, it means you don’t have red or strong underlying olive tones on your skin. Additionally, if you have slight cool red tone, this color will also be great for you. So, feel free to go for this color as it will work wonders for you if you have short sides.


Copper Browns

If you have a warm skin tone, this hair color will look excellent on you. The color works best for naturally curly hair. If you have straight hair, the color will work great if you prefer to keep your hair slightly messier, and a bit short.


Dark Warm Brown

Dark Warm Brown

This color will work wonders for you if you have a tanned, yellow or olive complexion. Additionally, it will look amazing with medium to thick hair. If done correctly and captured perfectly by a photographer, it may even have an added shine to make you look the part.


Neutral Dark Blonde

If your hairdo is based on any style is a bit longer at the top and short on the sides, neutral dark blonder will look great on you. Moreover, guys with cool and light complexions can make the best of this color.


Dark Neutral Brown

If your complexion is medium warm, this color will work wonders for your overall appearance. And if you want to make the best of it, go for a thick hairstyle that suits your personality.


Warm Dark Blonde

The color is superb for guys with a warm undertone and light skin, and if you have blue eyes, the color will make your appearance truly exceptional. Additionally, it will work great on medium or fine textured hair.


Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown

The best thing about chocolate brown is it will look amazing on every skin tone. Furthermore, if you want to make the most of it, go for it if you have thicker hair. In case your hair is fine, you can use any good thickening serum. This should increase your hair’s volume and make the color give its best to you.

This color is found to be quite popular for grooms or even those attending weddings. Any wedding photographers will tell you that they contribute this to the fact that the hair looks naturally good.


Medium Gray

With a modern style and cut, medium gray will look amazing on you. The color will look even more amazing on cool, light to medium complexion. And if you want to make the most of this color, prefer a hairstyle that relies on medium textured hair.


Warm Medium Brown

The color is best suited for individuals with warm and neutral skin tones. Additionally, if you have cool green or blue eyes, warm medium brown will make them stand out.


You can have it all

So, these are the 9 hair colors ideal for men with a few tips on the skin tones and complexions, as well as eye color that go best with them. Talk to a professional today to get a look that suits you, especially if you have a special day coming up.