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Updated by Robert Patricks on Oct 09, 2016
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Benefits of Ayurveda Treatments – Profits of Holistic Healing

Ayurveda treatment is over 5,000 years old and is considered the oldest healing methods successfully practised in this day and age. The benefits are many and proven to be quite positive.


Ayurveda Helps to Lower Stress and Anxiety

Any activity or treatment that can help lower stress and anxiety is welcome in today's busy lifestyles. Ayurveda certainly delivers with the aid of various techniques. Helping treat depression and anxiety Ayurveda assists by aiding to lower cortisol as well as create a balance in the body's hormones. An Ayurveda veda will use herbal treatments, yoga, inspirational mantras, breathing exercises and skin brushing.


Ayurveda Helps Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

There are many Ayurveda techniques as well as balanced diets that help reduce plaque build-up, lower inflammation and reverse the thickening of artery walls. In fact it is a proven medication for treating Atherosclerosis which is a disease where cholesterol fats accumulate within the artery walls resulting in blocks. The build-up which is known as 'plaque' is the cause of deadly strokes and heart attacks.


Ayurveda is Beneficial in Helping with Recoveries from illnesses and Injuries

Ayurveda treatments target inflammation which is deemed the root cause for many illnesses. In fact Ayurveda medications assist in lowering pain, inflammation, increase in blood flow and helps to overcome inflammatory diseases such as arthritis. The use of different herbs, herbal teas and the practise of proper rest helps with detoxing the body and ridding oneself of disease causing toxins.


Ayurveda Offers a Nutrition and Anti-oxidant Rich Diet

Ayurveda is based on 3 'doshas' and diets under each consists mainly of fresh herbs, vegetables, healthy fats, teas, proteins and spices. The general practise is to consume easy to digest meals, hot food and diets based on individual health and genetic history. A typical diet will consist of fermented food such as pickled items and pro-biotic meals which are highly beneficial in helping with digestion.


Ayurveda Helps with Weigh Loss

Ayurveda is not a plan for quick weight loss, instead the process helps one to shed weight healthily while balancing nutrition and creating a good diet plan that can be integrated into one's lifestyle. Essential oils as well as stress reduction techniques help immensely. Ayurveda will take into account body types and lifestyle habits to help create a diet that is easy to follow and beneficial on the nutrition scale. Ayurveda in Sri Lanka is quite popular as the country produces a range of vegetables and fruits that are high on the nutrition scale of any Ayurveda diet. The fact that Ayurveda has been practised over the centuries in the country means Sri Lanka is home to a wealth of proven treatment plans and expert Veda's; many offer their services at the holistic sanctuaries and coastal hotels such as Amba Ayurveda Boutique Hotel.


Ayurveda Lowers Inflammation

Not enough rest, a bad diet, insufficient sleep and bad digestion are identified as root causes of inflammation. Ayurveda will help you by regulating the heart, digestive tract and circulatory system. In order to boost your metabolism Ayurveda will prescribe exercises, antioxidant diets and herbal treatments.