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Updated by Kathy Waite on Jan 01, 2023
Headline for At last the truth about investment fees 2017 CRM2
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At last the truth about investment fees 2017 CRM2

Investment companies have been dragged kicking and screaming into 2017 forced to disclose their fees. Its been a half job, they disclose commission not total cost and performance but not against a bench mark so its hard to tell if you did well for the cost. Its not just about $ its about value for money. Do you feel looked after? Does your advisor take you seriously or brush off your concerns?

$432,000 or $762,000

Which would you rather have? $432,000 from the average mutual fund or $762,000 from a 1% fee only advisor?
Run out of money at 79 or 93?
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Adviser fees may leave people ‘doubly shocked’

But those who seek to go the DIY route should consider a few potential obstacles, experts say

How to get the financial advice you really want

Traditional investment advisers often create unnecessary conflict

Am I paying my investment advisor too much? Check this video out

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What Fund Manager Bonuses Tell Us..............the industry tells clients to plan long term but pays managers based o...

Most investment shops reward managers for short-term results, and few consider risk-adjusted returns.
The investment industry has arguably deemed risk-adjusted returns as the best measure of portfolio manager skill. However, most investment firms focus on total returns when determining manager bonuses. In fact, of the firms included in the exhibit, only AllianceBernstein, Eaton Vance, T. Rowe Price, and TIAA consider risk-adjusted returns when measuring their portfolio managers.

New fee-disclosure rules may hinder apples-to-apples comparisons

Known as CRM2, the fee and performance disclosure framework seeks to clarify what Canadians pay for investment advice

Why The New Client Relationship Model Misses The Mark, launch is a bodge job

Canadian regulators have to be commended for their effort to create transparency, always a herculean task met with significant resistance by market participants. Unfortunately, the reforms related to performance do not go far enough. The reality is that the field of performance has advanced to such a degree, that what has been proposed misses the mark of what can be achieved in order to achieve the previously stated objectives.

not enough transparency on how returns are measured and the full fees are not disclosed

A portfolio manager’s view on the ban on embedded fees...........transparency is good

John De Goey hits back at Advocis’ stance on the CSA’s plans to ban embedded commissions

Fees do you know. Pros and cons of financial advisors - MoneySense

Financial expert, Bruce Sellery shares an easy way to understand how financial advisors are charging their fees for good value.
He is so funny! Cooked or raw chicken

You mean the bank isn't your friend?

Realistic expectations is the key to happiness.

Are your investment fees costing you too much? Free calculator

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