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Top 5 Technologically Advanced Cars

From self-driving cars to flying cars, we want to explore it all. These are all possible and may even become a reality sooner than most people think. Look at the advancements of modern technology. Self-driving cars are being tested at this moment. Cars that are controlled by robots or computers. These cars can pick-up on everything around then, 360 degrees vision. Safety can be guaranteed, collisions prevented and lives saved. We already have autopilot, traction control, cameras and sensors fitted to most modern cars. These are the pioneers for the future.


Self-driving technology

What are the benefits to self-driving cars? Many people may consider this concept to be overboard. However, there are many people who would love to sit back and relax while going from one place to the next. So, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the self-driving car.

Pros of the self-driving car
It is considered to be safer as a computer will not become distracted by people, objects or scenery.
There will be no drunk-driving incidents.
Stopping when there is an abnormality detected, it can respond quicker to surroundings than people.
Luxury and comfort without stress.

Cons of the self-driving car
Higher insurance premiums
Higher repair costs should something break
It would greatly impact the gasoline industry
Operation manuals and instructions may necessitate new licenses for drivers

If you could afford such a vehicle, would you buy one? This is something to consider for the future. Yet, at the moment you have multiple other options. Here are the top 5 technologically advanced cars to consider today. Ranging from the Audi RS7 to BMW 7 Series and more.


Audi – RS7

Audi – RS7

A beautiful sedan with speed and style. The Audi RS7 has recently received some updates and has more elegance to offer drivers. This family car caters for everyone. It offers comfort in the front and back seats for even the taller kids. Touring with this car is a breeze. Nevertheless, you could always look at the sports coupe once the kids are out the house. This Audi is also said to be good for fuel economy with 27 MPG delivered. It also has a variety of luxury features that will make anyone’s mouth water. The Audi RS7 is a great pic for traveling and day to day use. It has so much to provide, you can’t help loving it.

Pros of the Audi RS7
Aggressive but chic look
Strong powerful engine
Exceptional performance in all weather conditions
Pinpoint steering system
Sport tuned suspension system
All-wheel-drive system
Enhanced braking system
Voice control navigation
Retractable display screen
High-tech infotainment system

Cons of the Audi RS7
It is a costly car to own
It offers no manual option for transmission
When pushed its fuel economy declines


Ford – GT

Ford brings a sparkle to the road with their improved GT. It is fitted with better features and conveys a superior style with its wings, spoilers and more. This vehicle is a must have for a sporty look. It offers good fuel mileage and can deliver 25 MPG.

Pros of the Ford GT
The Ford GT is a pristine piece of machinery and easy to drive by different level of drivers.
Eco boost efficient and mighty engine
Track features available
Superb handling
Balanced track suspension
Superior design
Enhanced braking system
Stability control system
Exciting interior features
User-friendly features
Top safety features

Cons of the Ford GT
Back seat may not be ideal for adult passengers
Not a good ride for all weather conditions such as snow
The car is heavier than some of its competitors


Chevrolet – Volt

Sleek looks and comfortable driving await with the Chevrolet Volt. Being a hybrid makes this a supreme car for many people. It is very economic, yet, also quiet, light and fast. This is a good buy for a technology friendly family or home. It has good benefits and considered a novelty by many.

Pros of the Chevrolet Volt
Available in striking colors
It is a perfect commuter with a sleek design
Fuel economic
Easy to drive
Top technology features and apps
Solid safety features
Powerful for its class
Back-up gas engine

Cons of the Chevrolet Volt
It is not as comfortable as its competitors on long distance traveling
If speed is what you need, this car may not be ideal


Volvo – XC90

Great family vehicle, comfortable with various safety features and technology to offer. It brings with it good fuel usage and ease of driving even for new drivers. This model is a solid option for families. It has comfort, technology, and safety while presenting a trendy look.

Pros of the Volvo XC90
Hybrid engine available
Strong towing capacity
Unique engine
AWD drive system
Good to drive in all weather conditions
Stylish interior and outer appearance
Brilliant safety features
Variety of interior features

Cons of the Volvo XC90
It may be a bit on the expensive side for some
Not ideal for off-road use or rough terrain


BMW – 7 Series

Dazzle your friends, neighbors, and family with this gorgeous car. For a thrilling drive experience, you must get the BMW 7 Series. It is faster and sharper than ever before. This luxury car has all one may need in a car. It is perfect for everyday use, long trips and family outings.

Pros of the BMW 7 Series
Superior handling
Self-drive in and out of your garage
Hand-signal action sensors
360-degree external camera system
Active 4 wheel steering
Air suspension
Impressive features
Spacious interior and cargo space

Cons of the BMW 7 Series
It is said the braking pedal is not firm enough
Short wheel-base is not available

These are the top 5 technologically advanced cars to drive today. Talk to your dealer and test-drive your dream car.

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