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Updated by Anita Clark Realtor on Jan 13, 2020
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Top Real Estate Articles on Slideshare

Check out this list of excellent real estate content found over on With plenty of quality content to help buyers, sellers, and consumers just looking for more real estate information, this list has them covered!

9 Reasons To Never Overprice Your Home!

It is always tempting for home sellers to list their home for more than it is worth, thinking they can always negotiate down to the price they expect their property to sell for. That is not a smart move! This article explains 9 reasons why homeowners should never overprice their home if they expect it to sell quickly.

Killer Staging Tips To Prepare Your Home To Sell

If you are looking to get your home in its best shape for new buyers to visit, taking to heart and implementing the staging tips in this article will help your home look its very best.

Ultimate Checklist For Real Estate Sellers

This list covers nearly everything from A to Z that a seller needs to know when getting ready to put their home on the local market. Follow this checklist and give your property every opportunity to sell fast.

FHA Mortgage Advice Buyers Need To Understand

FHA Mortgages are popular options for many real estate buyers. This guide will help better educate real estate consumers on what an FHA Mortgage is and when it is the best option to use when trying to get a home loan.

New Home Owner Maintenance Tips

Tips to help new homeowners get their property looking its very best. It is a smart idea to get a home maintenance schedule to stay on top of needed repairs. This article provides plenty of tips to help you do just that!

Home Amenities Georgia Buyers Will Appreciated

If you are getting ready to purchase a home in the beautiful state of Georgia, this list of home amenities may be important to you based on recent research . Check out the full list and see if these are items you are want.

Understanding Real Estate Capital Gains

One of the real estate topics that many consumers have a hard time understanding is capital gains. This article helps take the guesswork out of the process, providing plenty of excellent advice and tips as well as practical examples to walk you through the capital gains process.

Advice On How To Transfer A Mortgage To Your Spouse

If you are getting ready to, or are currently going through a divorce, did you know there are ways to transfer your mortgage to your spouse that do not take a lot of time or cost a lot of money? If you find yourself in this situation, this article will help ease the stress and ensure the process is as clear cut as possible.

Top Reasons Homeowners Should Hire A Realtor To Sell Their Home

Top Reasons Why Homeowners Need To Hire A Realtor To Help Them Sell Their Home. With 10+ tips to aid sellers, it is clear that real estate agents can do more than the homeowner to help get the property seen and sold.

Contingency Home Sale Tips

This list of contingency home sale tips is sure to get both buyers and sellers thinking before they jump into a contract that has a contingency attached. While many end up turning out just fine, it is important to understand all the details upfront. This article will help do that for consumers.