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Updated by Michelle Smotzer on Oct 06, 2016
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Curation of OER on Pre-K Behavior Management

In this list, one will find helpful resources for behavior management at the pre-kindergarten level.

Self-Assessment Resources for Pre-K to 1st Grade

This is a great resource to give to students so they can self-assess their own behavior in the classroom.

How to Use Social Stories to Teach Your Child New Skills and Expectations

This resource informs teachers and parents on the importance of social stories in a young child's life. These stories help to teach new skills and behavioral expectations.

I Can Follow the Rules Song | Music for Classroom Management

This resource can be shown to kids on a daily basis to help remind them of classroom rules and expectations. This song also has fun lyrics and dance movements to go along.

The Cool-Down Spot

This resource would be great to keep in the classroom for positive classroom discipline. This would get students calm and to also think about what they did and how to improve their decisions.

12 Children's Books that Reinforce Positive Behavior

This resource includes book to help reinforce positive behavior by teaching kids how to express their emotions. These stories would be great for teachers to have in the classroom not only to read but to also keep in the classroom library so students can look at pictures and be reminded of certain types of situations.

A List of Sample Classroom Rules for Preschool to Get Your Class on Track

This resource not only explains why it is so important to establish classroom rules for your pre-k students but also gives examples of different types of rules for the classroom, playground, and going on a field trip.

Whole Group Behavior Management

Mr. Potatohead is a great tool to use for whole group behavior management in pre-k. When students are using their listening ears Mr. Potatohead will get his ears, when students have quiet mouths he will get his mouth, when students are using safe hands he will get his arms and hands, when students are using walking feet he will get his feet, and lastly when students give their teacher their looking eyes he will get his eyes. After Mr. Potatohead is all put together the class will earn a reward of their choice.

Classroom Rules

This video informs students of classroom rules (follow directions, listening to the teacher, keep your hands to yourself, be a good friend, etc.) and the minions show students how to not behave.

10 Transition Strategies for Kids: Preventing Tantrums

This source is a great reminder to make transitioning from one activity to the next easier for students. Since transitioning is so difficult behavior issues could rise, however, with these simple tips it could prevented.

WeAreTeachers: 5 Keys to Preschool Classroom Management

This resource gives great tips on how to set up small groups in a pre-k classroom and why it is so important to use visuals. By having a well managed class and lots of visual cues, behavior issues will be lessened.