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Real Estate Advice

General advice on real estate. How to avoid scams, zoning matters, and other smart ideas about real estate.

Be On The Look Out For These Real Estate Scams!

Anytime you find an activity with money involved you are sure to find scam artists who are more than ready to part you with your hard earned money. Real estate is no different and there are many scams that individuals with less than honest intentions will try. By being aware of these common real estate scams you can make sure you do not become a victim yourself and if something does seem too good to be true have an idea of where you can dig for more information.

A Guide To Homeowner's Insurance

How the uninformed gamble with their home: Protect your belongings with the right homeowners insurance policy. Information for the first time home buyer.

Fall & Winter Time Energy Saving Tips

Learn about some excellent tips for improving the energy efficiency of your home and saving money at the same time!

8 Things Real Estate Agents Cannot Discuss

8 Things Your Real Estate Agent Can

Dealing With Mold In Your Home

Mold is a common homeowner frustration. It grows quickly and can often reappear if not treated properly. It affects every member of the home, including children and pets, by causing a number of side effects to our health.

Telltale Signs Of A Bad Real Estate Agent!

Definite signs that the real estate agent you hired may be the wrong one and how to know what they should be doing.

Closing Costs In Depth

As a rule buyers and sellers know what to expect and what they will get in the home buying/selling process. Before going too deep into the process a buyer should consult his mortgage specialist or real estate agent about what the closing costs may be. This also refers to the seller. There are some closing costs that may be negotiated to be paid by the other party. In fact buyers have a higher number of costs to pay. Let’s first see what the closing costs may be for a typical buyer who is getting a home loan:

New Agents Guide To Finding the Best Real Estate Brokerage

Deciding which real estate brokerage to join as a new agent, can have a lifelong impact on your career. Here are the 10 most important steps that you want to consider before choosing which real estate brokerage to join.

What Are Real Estate Contingencies And When to Use One

We here about real estate contingencies in contracts. Find what they are and when should you a real estate contingency should be used for your benefit.

Real Estate Tech Trends For Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate News and Views for Metrowest Massachusetts. Published by Bill Gassett RE/MAX Executive Realty

After The Holidays: Determining If Your Home Still Meets Your Needs

What Did You Learn About Your Home During The Holidays?Need more space, time to make some changes maybe a remodel. 

What Is A Tiny House And What You Need To Consider When Buying One.

Learn about tiny homes, their benefits, why you might want one and how to go about getting one.

Tips For Picking Real Estate Professionals When Buying or Selling Your Home

Learn about how to pick the best professionals for the job of buying or selling a home. Having the right team of pros to help you will lead to definite success.

How To Make Your Home More Earth Friendly

How To Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly. For more details you can find the article here:

Selling and Buying a Home at the Same Time

Selling and buying a home at the same time can be stressful. Learn some options that can help lessen the stress of simultaneous home sales.

Top 10 Negotiation Errors To Avoid In Real Estate

Negotiation mistakes are too common in real estate. In fact, they can be the difference of a successful transaction. Find out the top 10 mistakes here!

What To Know About An Estate Sale

An estate sale is considerably different than a traditional home sale. In this article learn all about estate sales and learn about 9 essential tips!

What is The Legal Requirement To Call A Room A Bedroom?

What is the legal requirement for a bedroom? Find out what can be considered a bedroom and what can't. Don't get caught misrepresenting your bedroom count.

Should I Buy A Geothermal Heating/Cooling System For My Home?

Learn about geothermal heat pump heating and cooling system and whether it is the right step for your to take with your home.

Full Service Broker vs. Discount Broker vs. FSBO

What do you charge for a real estate commission? is a commonly asked. But as a home seller paying the lowest commission does not always net the most MONEY!!

Real Estate Offer Contingencies

Learn about some of the components of a real estate offer and how they can affect a decision to buy or sell a home.

Tiny Houses Explained

Will Tiny Houses come to Massachusetts? The tiny house movement is putting a lot of pressure on communities in Massachusetts to change zoning bylaws.

What to Consider Prior To Renting Out A Condo

When you first purchased your condo in Long Beach, California, you may have wanted to settle down in your own space and enjoy the advantages of owning your

Hiring A Solo Real Estate Agent Or A Team

Hire a solo real estate agent or a team? This is a question many buyers & sellers face. Learn about the PROs & CONs of working with a solo agent or team!