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Headline for Navigating Those Interesting In-Law Relationships
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Navigating Those Interesting In-Law Relationships

We’ve all heard the jokes about in-laws – and while some may make us laugh, serious conflict with our spouse’s side of the family is no laughing matter. Bringing two families together definitely has its ups and downs. So how can we navigate those often-contentious relationships? Take a deep breath and check out these great resources.

In-Law Relationships

If you've become engaged in a war with your in-laws, don't let it erode your marriage further.

How Healthy Couples Deal with Their In-Laws

Do you struggle when setting boundaries with your in-laws? Do you feel trapped between your spouse and your parents? Learn how to embrace your in-laws in a healthy way with these guidelines and tips.

Knowing Your Role as a Grandparent

Grandparents play an important role in the lives of their grandchildren, but they are not their parents. Learn more about finding a healthy balance here.

Learning to Navigate In-law Relationships as Newlyweds

Are you newly married? Congratulations! Learn how to build healthy relationships with your in-laws during your first year of marriage.

How to be a Good Mother-In-Law

You love your son, and want the very best for him. That means cultivating a healthy relationship with his wife. Read these insights from daughter-in-laws to learn how to better love and support the new most important woman in your son's life.

How to have an awesome relationship with your in-laws

Do you desire to become a better in law? Whether you're a daughter, mother or husband, there are things you can be doing today to improve these relationships. Based on results from 200 surveys, here is advice for everyone in the family.

In-Laws, Outlaws, and the Functional Family

Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. offers time-tested suggestions on how to improve communication, overcome conflict, parent with grace, improve family finances, and deal with relatives.

I Love Her, Can't Stand Her Mother

The role of mother-in-law (or future MIL) is often vilified by our society...

“My Kids Want More Time With Their Grandparents, But My In-Laws Won’t Come To Our House!"

How do I help my husband’s parents understand the hardships we face in driving 45 minutes one-way to visit them?  We are a low-income family with two kids under the age of 5.  My in-laws are in their mid-40’s, but they routinely tell us they are “just too tired” to drive the extra miles to see their only grandkids.

In-Law Conflicts: Favoritism

How should I respond when my mother-in-law always gives preference to my husband's sister and her family? I resent the fact that we don’t get equal recognition.

Boundaries for In-laws

Establishing rules to protect your marriage

6 Keys to Having a Healthy Relationships with In-laws

Stress related to family dynamics is one of the biggest struggles married couples face, so it’s important to make those relationships as healthy as possible. Here are some simple ways to improve those relationships and strengthen your own marriage in the process.

How to Get Along With Your Future Mother-in-Law

I have been seriously dating a wonderful young man for over a year and a half. Despite many good qualities, his mother is very controlling, micromanaging, paranoid and particular about everything. I cannot see myself being friends with her and would not want to be friends if she were my peer. Please help!

The 5 Love Languages®

This is a great resource to understand members of your family and how they the love others or like to be loved.

Loving the Other Mother

In Scripture, Ruth's pledge to stick faithfully by her mother-in-law Naomi, whatever their future might hold, sets a high bar for us all: "... Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay" (Ruth 1:16b, NIV). If necessity required it, could you welcome your mother-in-law into your home? Or willingly live under her roof?

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