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Updated by Waterside Windows on Jan 04, 2017
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How to tell if your windows need upgrading

Some windows last a lot longer than others and there are many tell tale signs that they are nearing the end of their productive life.If you don't know instantly that your windows need replacing then look out for these common signs. Sometimes a repair is a cost effective option, but if your windows are costing you money it is worth considering an upgrade.


They don't keep you warm

They don't keep you warm

Putting on extra layers, and switching on the heating earlier in the Autumn than you used to? There may be a fault with the windows. It is worth checking them carefully for draughts.


Your energy bills are getting higher

Have you noticed your energy bills have been creeping upwards? Prices are going up anyway of course, but it may also be that your windows have become less thermally efficient and it is time to look for new, and better rated replacements.


They have failed in some way

Some mechanisms on windows are more prone to failure than others. Locks and handles can often break, the seal between panes can be compromised and condensation can occur as a result. If you have a number of these issues with your windows it may be cheaper to replace them than to repair them.


They don't suit the style of the house

The windows you have may have been all the rage 20 years ago when the previous owner installed them, but they have never suited the house. It could be that they are large-paned aluminium windows when the original features of the house included sash windows. Why not upgrade with the authentic features your home deserves.


They are not keeping out the noise

They are not keeping out the noise

It may be that over the years, noise in your environment has increased. More traffic, more people all make a difference. If your windows do little to keep the noise out it is certainly time to upgrade. After all everyone deserves peace and quiet in their own home!


There’s a build-up of condensation inside the glass

If you notice that condensation builds up inside the panes of glass, you might need to replace the window, depending on how serious the issue is. When the window seal fails, moisture can find its way into the spaces between panes of glass. As a result, condensation builds on the inside of the glass, so insulated glass is no longer do its job properly.

Condensation will leave a white film on the glass, caused by deposits of calcium. Even if there is no visible condensation, if a white film can be seen, there’s a good chance that the glazing unit has failed.


If your window frames are in a poor condition

If your window frames are in a poor condition

As window frames are constantly exposed to many different weather conditions, they take a real beating over time. Older window frames, particularly those made of wood can become warped and cracked as a result of temperature fluctuations. It’s also important to note that if wooden window frames haven’t been maintained properly, they are much more likely to need replacing.

Wood should be varnished on a regular basis to provide weather protection, so if wooden frames are visible cracked, rotting or show signs of water damage, these are good indications that it’s time to invest in new windows. If you like the appearance of timber window frames but are looking for a more cost-effective modern alternative, PVCu coloured windows are available in a wide range of attractive woodgrain effects, providing the best of the traditional and modern styles.