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Updated by Soubin Nath on Oct 06, 2016
Headline for JIO MAMI!! International Competition Movies at Mumbai Film Festival 2016
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JIO MAMI!! International Competition Movies at Mumbai Film Festival 2016

The 2016 version of Jio MAMI Film Festival is going to trigger from 20th October. 11 Movies have selected to the category of International Competition. Here we go with that list of movies.



Director: Jérôme Reybaud
Country: France | Year: 2016

Disillusioned with his life in Paris, Pierre Tomas drops everything to travel through France. Through phone numbers written in bathroom stalls, coincidental rendezvous and Grindr, a smartphone app, he never ceases to find a parking spot for the car he so dearly maneuvers. As he wanders the country for four days and four nights, his lover, Paul, will try to find him, using the same app that compasses Pierre. In a game of absurdist cat and mouse, these two lovers try, in their own ways, to find their way back to one another.




Director: Dren Zherka
Country: Germany, Kosovo | Year: 2016

Hanna, a 65-year-old woman, is involved in an accident in Germany that results in the death of a young man Luan. Overcome by guilt, she tries to find his family. The search leads her to Ismet, a 71-year-old ailing man and the father of Luan, who lives in a dilapidated house in Kosovo.


Director: Jordan Schiele
Country: China | Year: 2016

Endless dog days of summer weigh heavily on the impoverished suburb of Changsha where a young mother, Lulu, works as a dancer in a cheap nightclub. Coming home late one night, she discovers that her boyfriend Bai Long has disappeared with their baby. Her desperate search takes her to a transvestite bar where a gay man Sunny is performing and may know the whereabouts of the child’s father.


Director: Natalia Almada
Country: Mexico, USA | Year: 2016

Doña Flor is a bureaucrat. This fact manifests in everything about her: the nondescript beige blouse, practical heels and knee-length skirts. For over three decades, she has attended to indignant citizens to whom she is nothing but a lifeless bureaucrat.


Director: Karl Lemieux
Country: Canada | Year: 2016

Caught stealing drugs, 27-year-old Vincent is in trouble and on the run from the local mob. Fleeing to the backwoods, Vincent unexpectedly reconnects with his brother Michel with whom he had cut ties many years ago. As he tries to maintain the semblance of a normal life by hanging out with friends and playing in a band, Vincent is a close witness to Michel’s own turbulent downward spiral.


Director: Ben Young
Country: Australia | Year: 2016

In the mid 1980’s seventeen year old Vicki Maloney is abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple. As she observes the dynamic between her captors she quickly realises she must drive a wedge between them if she intends to survive.


Director: Felipe Guerrero
Country: Colombia | Year: 2016

The film is about three women forced to flee their homes in a war-torn region of Colombia. Rocío’s family has gone missing. Surrounded on all sides by paramilitary troops, she escapes her village. La Mona has stabbed her boyfriend, a young abusive paramilitary commander. She flees, physically weakened after a self-induced abortion.


Director: Elite Zexer
Country: Israel | Year: 2016

As wedding festivities get underway in a Bedouin village in Israel, Jalila finds herself in the awkward position of hosting her husband Suliman's marriage to a second, much younger wife. During the celebration, Jalila stumbles across eldest daughter Layla's involvement with a boy from her university - a strictly forbidden liaison that would shame the family.


Director: Davy Chou
Country: Cambodia, France | Year: 2016

Diamond Island is a symbol of Cambodia's future - a sprawling, ultra-modern paradise for the rich on the riverbank in Phnom Penh. Like many other country boys, Bora, 18, is lured from his village to work on the construction of this property developer's dream.




Director: Ralitza Petrova
Country: Bulgaria, Denmark, France | Year: 2016

In a remote Bulgarian town, Gana looks after the elderly who suffer from dementia,
while also trafficking their ID cards on the black market. At
home, she provides for her jobless mother, with whom she hardly speaks.
Her relationship with her mechanic boyfriend is no source of love




Director: Ana Cristina Barragán
Country: Ecuador | Year: 2016

Alba is eleven years old. She spends most of her time in silence and she loves tiny little animals. She has learned how to deal with her mother’s illness. She usually helps her going to the bathroom, she combs her hair and she has even learned how to play silently in order to let her rest during the day.