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C Programming

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C Programming Operators

In C Programming Operators are the symbols, used to perform mathematical and logical operations. You can use C Operator on individual values or a variables.

Arithmetic Operators in C

Arithmetic operators in C includes Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Modulus and they are binary operators so, they operate on two operands.

Relational Operators in C Programming

Relational operators in C are mostly used in either decision making or loops in C programming. If the relation is true then it returns value 1 otherwise 0.

Logical operators in C are used to combine two or more conditions and perform logical operations using && (Logical AND), || (Logical OR) and ! (Logical NOT)

Assignment Operators in C Programming

Assignment operators in C language are used to assign the values to declared variables. Equals (=) operator is the most commonly used assignment operator.

Increment and Decrement Operators in C Programming

Increment and Decrement Operators in C are used to increase or decrease value by 1. For instance, ++ is used to increase by 1 & -- is to decrease value by 1

Conditional Operator in C Programming

Conditional Operator in C is also called as Ternary operator. If the given test condition is true then it will return statement1 else statement2 is returned

Bitwise Operators in C Programming Language

Bitwise operators in C are used to perform bit operations. All decimal values will be converted into binary values (sequence of bits i.e 0100, 1100 etc)

C Sizeof Operator

sizeof operator mostly used in finding array size, structure size. The C sizeof operator returns size (number of bytes) of declared variable or data type.

Switch Case in C Programming

The functionality of Switch case in C is same as IF. Switch Case in C may have n number of cases & it compares expression value with values assigned in Case

Goto Statement in C Programming

Goto statement in C is used to alter program flow. When compiler reaches goto statement, it will jump unconditionally (both forward & backward) to location.

Continue Statement in C Programming

Continue Statement in C: While executing loops, if compiler find continue inside it, loop will stop current iteration & starts new iteration from beginning.

Break Statement in C Programming

Break statement in C is very useful to exit from any loop such as For Loop, While Loop & Do While Loop. Break statement in C plays vital role in switch case

Nested If in C Programming

Placing IF Statement inside another IF Statement is called Nested IF in C. If we want to check further even when the condition is TRUE, use Nested IF in C

Else If Statement in C Programming

The Else If statement in C Programming is very useful when we have to check several conditions. Else If in C execute multiple statements sequentially

If Else Statement in C Language

If Else statement in C Programming is an extension to the If Statement. If Else statement will execute the statements when the condition is True or false.

If Statement in C Language

If statement in C Language is one of the most useful decision making statement. It test the condition first, depending on result it will execute statements.

While Loop in C Programming

While loop in C is used to repeat a block of statements for given number of times, until the condition is False. while loop in c may execute 0 or more times

Do While Loop in C Programming

The Do While loop in C will test the condition at the end of loop so Do While executes the statements in code block at least once even the condition Fails.

For Loop in C Programming

The For Loop in C Programming is used to execute certain block of statements or code for n number of times until test condition is false.

Array in C Programming

Array in C Programming is a collection of similar type of elements (Type may be integer, float and long etc) and we can’t store multiple data type values.

Two Dimensional Array in C Programming

Two Dimensional Array in C is nothing but an Array of Arrays. In 2D Array, data is stored in row and column. To access the record we use row & column index.

Multi Dimensional Array In C Programming

Multi Dimensional Array In C means placing n number of brackets we can declare n-dimensional array where n is dimension number. For example, int a

C Program to Find Length of a String

In this article, We will show you, How to find string length using strlen and without using strlen function

Strupr in C Programming

Strupr in C: The Strupr() function is one of the C String Function which is used to convert the given characters or string into Uppercase letters.