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Web Design and Web Development News

Latest new and updates on Web Design and Web Development. Latest tools, Plugin and more updates.

How You're Probably Misunderstanding TDD

Let’s get something out of the way right up front. You might have extensive experience with test-driven development (TDD). You might even practice it routinely and wear the red-green-refactor cadence like a comfortable work glove. For all I know, you could be a bonafide TDD expert.

Building Social: A Case Study On Progressive Enhancement – Smashing Magazine

Through this case study on redesigning the Building Social website, we’ll share some simple yet often overlooked front-end techniques that defer the use of JavaScript as much as possible, while providing some neat JavaScript enhancements, too.

We talk a lot about progressive enhancement and how it improves backwards compatibility. But how straightforward is it to apply progressive enhancement concepts to a real-life project? When designing a rich interactive experience, it can be difficult to determine what can be implemented purely using HTML and CSS and what absolutely requires JavaScript.

Five advantages of serverless architecture for every app

In just six hours, skyrocketing traffic overwhelmed the single Los Angeles-based machine running Instagram’s back-end. Likening it to open-heart surgery, co-founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom were forced to perform an emergency migration from the local server to Amazon’s EC2 cloud service. Instagram’s quick switch to the cloud likely saved it from death-by-desertion after its homebrew server failed to keep pace.

Finding Good Coder Is Not Nightmare

It is a lonely world for nontech businesses particularly when it comes to finding a good coder. How can fast
growing businesses sniff out right coders when a majority of them seem to be absorbed by tech businesses? Coding geek since 2005 and former coder at technology giant HCL, Avlesh Singh, Co-founder & CEO of Mumbai-based multichannel user engagement platform WebEngage shares the way out in a chat with Entrepreneur.

Build Your Own Technology Stack

In Web development, three common skill sets — front-end, back-end and full-stack — are used to describe the role of software developers as they craft an end product. More and more tech professionals are choosing to work with both front-end and back-end stacks to increase their versatility and broaden their skill sets, becoming full-stack developers.

The Excuses for Not Having a Website (Infographic)

With 84% of American adults using the Internet, it’s surprising to think that many organizations today, particularly small businesses, still choose not to invest a bit of time and resources towards building their own website.

The following infographic reveals common excuses why 46% of small businesses still don’t have a website, with counter-arguments for each excuse.

If you need to talk to a prospective client who has apprehensions about having a website, why don’t you show them this infographic?

6 Myths Preventing Developers from Using Git

Nowadays, you’ll have a hard time finding a professional developer who doesn’t use a version control system (VCS) such as Git.

100+ Awesome Web Development Tools and Resources

Check out this list of 100+ awesome web development tools and resources that can help you be more productive, stay informed, and become a better developer. The best and worst thing about being a web developer is that the web is constantly changing. While this is exciting it also means that web developers must always be proactive about learning new techniques or programming languages, adapting to changes, and be willing and eager to accept new challenges. This could include tasks such as adapting existing frameworks to meet business requirements, testing a website to identify technical problems, or optimizing and scaling a site to better perform with the back-end infrastructure. We thought we would compile a comprehensive list of web development tools and resources that can help you be more productive, stay informed, and become a better developer.

90+ Best Free Fonts, Spring 2017

All the usual suspects are still being released, but we’re seeing a lot less in the way of calligraphic lettering and brush fonts compared to 2016, and an increase in serifs. Bold weight sans-serifs seem pretty popular at the moment too. There’s also a welcome rise in the number of free non-latin fonts, particularly cyrillic. In this list, you’ll find something to cover any eventuality from stand out display text to dense body copy. Plus, we’ve included a sprinkling of experimental, decorative, and quirky fonts for you to play with and be inspired by. Enjoy, and let us know which ones you feel for, and which ones you didn’t.

Building For Mobile: RWD, PWA, AMP Or Instant Articles?

As we look deep into 2017, one of the questions on every web developer’s mind ought to be, “What trend will define the web in 2017?” Just three years ago, we were talking about the “Year of Responsive Web Design”, and we’ve all seen how the stakes were raised when Google announced Mobilegeddon (21 April 2015) and started to boost the rankings of mobile-friendly websites in mobile search results.

Where is the mobile web heading? Take a look at the facts and numbers of RWD, PWA, AMP and Instant Articles when building for mobile.

How to Properly Structure Your PHP Projects

Whether you're a novice PHP developer, or a seasoned vet looking for a quick refresher, read on for some tips on how to properly structure your PHP web apps.

One of the first things you learn as a PHP developer is the use of frameworks, such as the popular CakePHP and Symfony. As you use these formats throughout your career as a PHP developer, you will notice that sometimes it can be quite difficult to get what you want out of them. When you have a specific project or idea in mind that you want to create, you may not find a construction that will fit in.

A Comparison of SQL and NoSQL to Simplify Your Database Decision

Learn what SQL is, what NoSQL is, the key differences between SQL and NoSQL, and whether you should be using SQL or NoSQL when implementing your ETL processes. Have you been investing your time, effort, and resources in building ETL procedures that keep migrating data from one database to another? Is your RDBMS fully equipped to deal with unstructured and non-traditional data? With Big Data becoming the hottest segment of database technology, what’s your game plan to stay on top of the ever-evolving technologies?

From Idea To Development: How To Write Mobile Application Requirements That Work

Not sure how to write a mobile application requirements document? Here are the basic steps of how to get started and what a good one looks like. A carefully crafted requirements document eliminates ambiguity, thus ensuring that the developer does exactly what needs to be done. In addition, the document gives a clear picture of the scope of the work, enabling the developer to better assess the time and effort required. But how do we create a good document? Below are some tips that our mobile team at Polecat follows when crafting requirements.

How to Use Laravel Mix in Non-Laravel Projects

Laravel Mix, formerly Elixir, could be defined as an API wrapper for Webpack. It has a fluent syntax and is generally easy to use. Setting up versioning, hot reloading, and asset building/compiling is a breeze, and requires only a single configuration file and a few lines of code.

What is the Future of Front End Web Development?

I work on CodePen, which is quite a hive of front end developers. I also talk about it every week on ShopTalk Show with a wide variety of guests, and I get to travel all around going to conferences largely focused on front end development.

The State Of Advanced Website Builders

Advanced website builders — the tools provided by Squarespace, Wix, Weebly, The Grid and more — produce websites that look and feel like they were designed and coded by humans. They’re also software as a service, which is a different business model than traditional, custom-developed websites. So, should companies use them? At some point, will they replace custom development?

Back to Basics: What are Callbacks in JavaScript?

When learning JavaScript, it doesn’t take long until you encounter callbacks. These might seem strange and mysterious to beginners, yet it is very important to understand how they work in order to harness the power of the language. In this article I will teach you the basics of callbacks using easy-to-understand examples.

The Evolution of Programming Language

Programming languages have developed a long way since the days of the punch cards used to initiate Jacquard looms in the 19th century. Today every application you use on the Internet is written in a specific computer language. It is fascinating to see where computer languages began and how they have evolved over time. There are now numerous computer languages to choose from and billions lines of code.

Importance of Color Selection in Company Logo

Understanding the science behind color could increase the effectiveness of your company’s branding methods. When it comes to identifying your brand, your logo is probably the first thing your customers will think of. While honing the narrative and message behind your logo should of course be your primary concern, research suggests that your logo’s design and specifically its colors have more bearing on your customers’ opinions than you might think.

HTML5 – History, Present and Expectations

HTML5 is one of the most acceptable markup languages among developers and users. However Very few people know the whole history behind HTML5? In this infographics, We have presented the History and Present of HTML5. The Power of HTML5 mobile application and web application along with details of HTML5 technologies and experts, who are behind HTML5.

51 Tips for WordPress Website Maintenance

WordPress is one of the best CMS’s on the market today! It is flexible, easy-to-use & update, SEO friendly and comes with thousands of WordPress plugins & themes that makes creating a WordPress website a breeze.

However, like with everything else, WordPress, too, require daily upkeep and maintenance for it to work smoothly across various platforms. Having a well-maintained WordPress website that provides a hassle-free user experience is the key to a successful online business.

72 Important Features for Ecommerce Website Infographic

The success of an e-commerce website doesn’t solely depend on the quality of its products, there are a range of other factors at play. Two of the most important are how the site is marketed and how it is designed. There are certain features that can help make an ecommerce website more user-friendly to customers and easy to manage from the perspective of the owners. But when designing an ecommerce site, it can be tricky to account for all these essential features and stylistic elements. Luckily, we’re here to help you out!

The infographic shows 72 key features that any successful ecommerce site must have. If you are designing a new ecommerce site or redesigning an existing one, chances are you’ll find this infographic very useful.

Customer Acquisition Strategies: 7 Ways To Increase Online Sales

Customer acquisition is a crucial first step for startups as well as an ongoing goal for well-established businesses. It’s harder than ever to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. But with the right strategies in place, you can ensure your business is profitable.

How Much Time It Take To Rank In Google

If you’re doing client SEO, I guess every new client, without any exceptions, will ask you this question: “How long till my website (page) ranks on top of Google?” The common response to this question is obviously, “It depends,” because there are just too many variables to consider: website strength, competition, budget, skills, etc.