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Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is any practice that is put forward as having the healing effects of medicine.

Healing Energy & Reduced HCMV DNAaemia

In a recent study, it has been analyzed that the Viral load of HCMV DNAaemia in infected stored plasma samples reduced by 80% in the samples treated with Healing Energy. Read here the complete research paper.

Biofield Treatment has resulted reduced HCMV DNAaemia from infected plasma samples. The results suggest that it could be a suitable alternative treatment strategy for AIDS patients in near future.

HIV Viral Load Test and Results

Read here the information about different HIV Viral Load Tests and results, conducted to evaluate the effects of human energy treatment on HIV and HCMV viruses.

HIV & HCV Viral Load Test/Study was performed to evaluate the effects of unique energy on HIV-1 and HCMV viruses. Significant changes in HIV-1 and HCMV characteristics was noticed as a result of various tests.

HIV & HCV Viral Load Study for Reducing the HCMV DNAaemia

Experimental data showed 80% elimination of HCMV DNAaemia from infected plasma samples after a kind of unique energy healing. Follow the link to get detailed information about the tests and results.

Experiment for the Determination of Viral Load Quantification on HIV-1 RNA

Human Energy Treatment has significantly reduced the viral load quantification in HIV-1 and HCMV infected stored plasma samples, suggest this experimental study.

Viral Load Quantification in HIV-1 and HCMV

Viral load quantification of HIV-1 RNA in infected stored plasma samples was significantly reduced by 65% in the presence of unique energy treatment. Get more information here.

In vitro Evaluation of Human Immunodeficiency-1 and Cytomegalo Viruses

A study was conducted to evaluate the impact of biofield treatment on HIV-1 and HCMV in terms of viral loads as a surrogate marker. Follow the link to get more details.

Soybean Seed Treatment & Soybean Productivity

Soybean seed treatment using Biofield energy resulted better soybean productivity in a recent research. Read here a comparative study.

Biofield & Fungicide Seed Treatment was applied on Soybean seeds to determine the influences of Soybean productivity, seed quality and Weed Community. Visit for more details.

Nutrient Value of Soybean, Soybean Fungicide Seed Treatment

The application of Biofield Treatment on Soybean resulted better nutrient value of Soybean and improved soybean productivity. Follow the link for more information.

Parameters for the quality of soybean seeds

Biofield Treatment applied Soybean Seeds resulted improved results on various parameters for the Quality of Soybean Seeds. Visit the links here for more details.

Soybean Seed Treatment for Increasing the Productivity

Biofield Soybean Seed Treatment is a science that can be used as an alternative treatment in soybean production systems.

Biofield & Fungicide Seed Treatment - Impacts on Soybean Productivity

Biofield & Fungicide Seed Treatment- The comparative study here shows the impact of both the Biofield & Fungicide Seed Treatment on Soybean Productivity.

Parameters for the Quality of Soybean Seeds and Soybean Productivity

In a study the Soybean samples were successfully tested on different parameters of quality of soybean seeds and soybean productivity with Biofield treatment.

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