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All You Need to Know About Hydration Packs and the Best Hydration Pack for Multi-Purpose Usage

The idea behind a Hydration Pack was to make it easier for mountain bikers and hikers to stay hydrated. It usually gets tough to reach for a drink of water when you are on between a strenuous activity like cycling, hiking or even running. 'Camelbak', a US based brand came up with the idea of this plastic bladder like a backpack with a feeding hose and a rubber valve on the end.


What are hydration packs?

This bag is filled with water and stuffed inside its sleeve. You can put it on your back, like a backpack and pull the feeding hose up your sleeves to the shoulders. The rubber valve hangs near your mouth from the shoulders. You can just hold it between your mouth and bite it every time you want to drink water.

Things to Look for in a Hydration Pack

It is very important to consider some basic things before you buy a hydration pack. The following checklist will help you pick out the best hydration pack for yourself:



It is very important to have a hydration pack that does not slow down your speed when you need to drink. Go for a hydration pack that makes the sip tube stay in one place. This way you can stay hydrated without losing speed. Just grab, sip and go!



It is better to avoid a hydration pack that has a snug fit around your back. Choose a hydration pack that is lost and yet does not shake very much as you run, cycle or climb. The less mobile your pack is, the better your speed is.


Easy to maintain

Like other sports accessories, even the hydration packs need to be taken proper care of. Choose the pack that just involves regular drying and keeping the parts clean. Do not opt for the complicated ones as they tend to get ruined after just a few usages.



Different hydration packs have a different capacity of water that they can hold. Depending on the distance you need to cover, choose a hydration pack that can contain ample amount of liquid for your entire journey.


Additional Qualities

You might want to carry some other stuff like a bottle of juice, headphones, a rain gear or a jacket along with you. Thus, having an additional compartment in your hydration pack is quite helpful.


Choose According to the Activity You Need it For

There are different sizes and types of hydration bags available depending upon the kind of activity you need it for. Here's a list of qualities you need to have in your bag, depending upon the activity:


More information on Hydration Packs

Trail Running

For a few hours of trail running, walking or simply racing, the waist packs are good to go. They have a capacity of 1-liter and are quite comfortable too.

Day Hiking

For activities like day hiking, backpacking, and climbing, a hiker specific or reservoir only hydration is perfect. It can store about 2-3 litres of water which is enough for a day's usage.

Tour Cycling

For the tour cyclists who tend to spend more than three to four hours on the road, a small to medium hydration pack with a large reservoir is best suited. It has a capacity of two to three liters.

Mountain Biking

For the mountain bikers and mountain climbers, the best hydration pack is the large one with a larger reservoir. It can contain two to three liters of liquid.


For activities like snowboarding and skiing, a small or medium hydration pack works just fine. It is advisable to choose a pack which has insulated sip tubes.

Camelbak Hydrobak 60 ounce Hydration Pack

Being the oldest players in this field, the best hydration pack of 2016 is from Camelbak. This comfortable pack has a capacity of 1.5 liters and can be easily used for all kinds of activities, from skiing to biking. It comes with a Mil-Spec antidote reservoir. The weight of the hydration pack is quite less, keeping it light and comfortable to carry as a backpack.

The length of the bag is just 13-inches with a tube routing that stays at one place. The Omega Reservoir in this hydration pack is quite durable and easy to maintain. The big bite valve ensures that you can easily get a gulp of your drink without losing your speed in the process. The reservoir is insulated, making it a perfect pack for multipurpose use. The reflective accents of the valve keep it easily visible even during low light conditions. Moreover, at just $35.5, it is the most economical backpack you can go for.

What makes it better than the other hydration packs?

Some of the best features in this pack are:

  1. It has a big bite valve which makes getting an instant sip of the liquid easier.2. The reflective accent makes it visible even in darkness.

  2. The pricing is quite economical and pocket-friendly.

So, if you are unsure about which backpack to go for, settle down for the Camelbak Hydro back 60-ounce pack since this is an ideal product for multi-purpose use and value for your money.