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Headline for Extreme Activities in Maldives – Get that Adrenaline Fix
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Extreme Activities in Maldives – Get that Adrenaline Fix

Gorgeous Maldives is loved holiday resort mainly for the numerous water sports activities. These adventurous excursions can be enjoyed by swimmers and non-swimmers for fun in the sun.


Catamaran Sailing

Swimming skills are not required for this peacefully, fulfilling endeavour. Sailing over the glistening Indian Ocean the wind whipping your hair you will be filled with a million memories to cherish for a lifetime. Take on a catamaran tour and sail around the archipelago, check out the beautiful islands from a far and bask under the wide expanse of sunny skies. November to April is the best season for setting off on a sailing trip around the islands.



Kayaking is one of the most popular water sports in Maldives. Paddling your way around the many islands is a wonderful way to enjoy the calm serenity of the ocean. Kayaks are easily available from the luxury Maldives resorts or sports shops. You can take out a tandem kayak or enjoy a solo paddle as a loner or in a group. Explore the coasts of surrounding islands and fill your heart with life's easy pleasures. Remember and ensure you wear garments to protect yourself from the sun's rays and take along enough water. April to October is the best season for kayaking in Maldives.



Snorkelling is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone who knows the basics of swimming; in the Maldives you can set off on a snorkelling tour right from the beach of the resort you are staying at. The coral reef around Naladhu Maldives and other resorts are excellent for enjoying the vibrant colours of coral and curious sea creatures that dwell beneath the waves. Visibility in the waters off the Maldives is extremely clear, hence snorkelling is a very popular activity there. July to September is the best season.



Kitesurfing is definitely for all you adrenaline junkies. Enjoy the thrills of soaring high into the sky and coming low enough to skim the waters of the Indian Ocean. Swimming skills are not required for this sport which promises to be a very thrilling affair. Best season for kitesurfing in Maldives is April to October.


Enjoying a Glass Bottom Boat Ride

If you want to explore the ocean depths without getting wet a glass bottomed boat ride is wholly recommended. These specialised boats take you out to sea where coral beds grow almost to the surface and because visibility within the ocean is very clear in Maldives you can enjoy the sights right from the comfort of your seat. Watch as a variety of marine life and colourful coral drift beneath the glass panels under your feet. April to October is when visibility is the clearest for these tours.


Jet Skiing

Of all the outrageous water sports activities you will be enjoying in the Maldives, Jet Skiing will take top place. Enjoy whizzing across the waves at unimaginable speeds giving way to a terrific adrenaline rush.