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Top 5 Water Sports in Mui Ne- Fun in the Sun

Southern Vietnam's beach of Mui Ne spans to around 12 kilometres of a long bay with exquisite beach resorts and bustling with tourists taking part in various water sports!


Kite Surfing

Mui Ne is known to be a kite surfer's paradise as winds of more than 12 knots are common for over 200 days a year; however, the best time to go kite surfing is between the months of October to March. The waters surrounding this beach are clear of any rocks or reefs, thus ensuring the safety of its surfers. Kitesurfing is an extreme sport and there are plenty of kite surfing schools that will adequately train those who are new to the activity, so as to ensure visitors get to enjoy and actively take part in one of the most exhilarating sports in Vietnam! There are many resorts in Mui Ne nestled along the beach such as Anantara Mui Ne Resort & Spa, offering visitors a variety of water sports to partake in.


Wind Surfing

On the eastern side of Mui Ne, adventure seekers can try a hand at wind surfing, known to be another popular water sport in Vietnam. As the winds are great on this part of the country, it is no surprise that some of the more popular sports in Vietnam will revolve around the strength of the winds. The warm temperatures and steady winds are ideal for a day out in the sun and for learning how to windsurf. Manta Sail Training Centre is a great place to learn and rent out equipment for those windsurfing enthusiasts.



True lovers of the sea will always give surfing a fair chance at competing for the number one spot for water activities in Vietnam. As there are plenty of rental centres on the beach, grab a surfboard and head out to the open waters and become a part of the sea as you ride the waves in one of the most thrilling water sports out there! Surfing is considered to be an easier sport especially after trying windsurfing.


Jet ski

Visitors who love to ride waves aboard a jet ski are immensely satisfied at the option to do so in these beautiful waters. Speed through the blue waters as the Jet Ski thumps rhythmically against the currents while watching the busy beach activity and the sea spray biting into the sun kissed skin.


Kayaking and Sailing

Kayaking and Sailing, although less adrenaline pumping water sports are definitely ones to try out as they offer a completely different experience of the sea while ensuring anyone who tries it will fall in love with the sport. Although the beach is more famous for wilder sports, kayaking and sailing are loved by all, as kayakers and sailors can enjoy the sunset and lounge under the sun away from the busy shore of Mui Ne.