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Top Bird Watching Sites in Sri Lanka: Experience the Flying Wonders

Sri Lanka's position on the Indian Ocean is cause for the country being home to a number of migratory birds. There are many verdant sanctuaries around the island for spotting a variety of these.


Wet Zone Rain Forests

Most of Sri Lanka's endemic bird species dwell within the wet zone forests and the Hill country. The only equipment you will need for this endeavour are a pair of binoculars and shoes; preferably leech proof as well as leech proof socks and some good insect repellent. Walking through the forest cover is the best way to spot the winged creatures; remember to take along an umbrella for protection from sudden showers.


Sinharaja Forest

This world heritage site is about 4 hours from Colombo. The most bio-diverse wet zone forest cover in the country, Sinharaja must be explored by foot. The place declared a World Heritage Site in 1989 is home to a wide variety of endemic as well as migratory bird species. Look forward to spotting the likes of Green Billed Coucal, Yellow Fronted Barbet, Ceylon Blue Magpie, Scaly Thrush, the protected Ceylon Jungle Fowl and many more fascinating species. Sinharaja is an ancient forest home to many magical aspects and is best explored with the aid of experienced guides as offered by Jetwing Eco Tours. Look for a reputed tour company and choose from amongst a variety of fascinating Sri Lanka tour packages.



Kitulgala Forest is part of the Kelani Valley Forest Reserve. It is a mere 2 hours from Colombo. To get to the forest you need to cross the Kelani River; this is an interesting feat in itself as a raft complete with a rafts man is available for crossing the river for a small fee. Once you cross banks follow the path through the charming village and you will come to the forest cover which is 1,155 hectares in extent. Around this area you can spot Ceylon Lorikeet, Layard's Parakeet, Ceylon Grey Hornbill, Ceylon Frogmouth and other species well worth scouting out.


Kanneliya Forest Reserve

Kanneliya is a 6,114 hectare rain forest which is just 4 hours from Colombo. The bio-diverse environs are home to a variety of endemic bird species which can be spotted by following the well-marked paths within the forest. The paths meander for a distance of about 2kms; enjoy a leisurely stroll as you look out for Ceylon Bay Owl, Chestnut Backed Owlet, Scimitar Babbler, Black Eagle, Hawk eagles and other beautiful winged creatures. Again remember to join an eco Sri Lanka bird watching tour for the best experience.


Peak Wilderness Sanctuary

Peak Wilderness Sanctuary was declared a World Heritage Sanctuary in 2010; it is 22,376 hectares in size and just 3 ½ hours' drive from Colombo. Home to the remnants of the wet zone elephant population this rich environ is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Bird watching is indeed a treat here; look out for Ceylon whistling Thrush, Yellow Eared Bul Bul, Ceylon Crested Drongo, Ceylon Trogon and lots more species.