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Updated by Randall Bauer on May 20, 2016
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It Just Takes 30 a Day to Keep the Dys-ease Away

To stay healthy and fit it just takes 30 minutes of exercise a day to prevent heart disease, diabetes and obesity. Find an activity you like. It may be a workout class, a walk on the beach, or a fitness routine at home. If it is something you enjoy you are more likely to stay engaged in the activity you choose. So Be Well and Take Care of Your Health.


Lean Fitness and Performance

Are You waiting for the next foot to drop, or are you actively participating in your own health and wellness? Health does not mean being completely free of injury or dys-ease. It is an active engagement in the process of healing; a balancing act to right your Health. An active lifestyle that includes exercise, activities that engage physical abilities and movement are key to your well-being and optimal aging.

Postural Relief Stretches For Neck and Back Pain at Desk

At Bauer Physical Therapy Relieving Back and Neck Pain is an active process of mobilizing the body from sustained postures and promoting r...