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Updated by Auburn James on Sep 30, 2016
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5 of the Best Outdoor Bootcamps in Hong Kong; Workouts that hit you the hardest

If you are in Hong Kong and want to keep up with your fitness routine without slacking try one of these boot camps that are guaranteed to make you sweat till you drop.


Circuit 25

The boot camp focuses mainly on about 2 High-Intensity Interval Training sets. The Circuit 25 aims at all of the various parts of the human body, including the muscles that are most commonly ignored. The classes usually start off with a few sprints of short distances as a warm up and include a few reps of lunges and pushups. After this rather grueling warm-up session, you will find yourself partnered with another fitness addict and put to work, really hard. Circuit training which happens after partnering off, usually features donkey kicks, sprints, squats and much, much more. Do not worry if the exercises seem rather new to you as many expert trainers are around to help you out if you have any trouble grasping the technique at first.


Ape Fit

Just like the name suggests, if you are going to pick this particular boot camp, make sure you are OK to get a bit of dirt on yourself as it will be held outdoors. The classes could be held in various parks such as the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park. The boot camp is easily accessible to you if you should happen to be staying at a nearby hotel or service apartment in Hong Kong such as The Mercer Hong Kong (Citadines) from which the Park is a quick 10 minutes drive away if there is no traffic. The class which is held at the Sun Yat Sen consists of you jumping from one mud-filled puddle to the other, for starters. The camps are designed to engage a large range of age groups and offer an assortment of exercises, some of which include fun yet physically demanding activities such as a game of intense tug-of-war.


Bikini Fit

If you really, really want to get into your bikini this coming summer, Bikini Fit will help you to achieve your dream goals in the healthiest available manner. The boot camp focuses on core and weight workouts which will target your stubborn ab area. Try out a series of workouts that include gravity resistant planks, mountain climbs and ab crunches and sit ups that will have you gasping for your breath while the weights will focus on those muscles that need to be toned and sculpted.


Perun Fitness

Perun Fitness boot camps happen in Tung Chung and will have you keeling over after just the warm up. The pair of expert fitness instructors will guide you through some of the toughest action in the field such as bear crawls, burpees and pull ups before guiding you to extensive reps of weights, TRX gear training and much more. The one is a close call with Ape Fit when it comes to toughness, but you know what they say "no pain no gain".


Treece Fitness

Treece Fitness is the perfect choice for you if you love your cardio. The workout will be seemingly a breeze before Treece decides to give you a head-on collision with hardcore cardio where you will be asked to do sprints with lunges in between and side shuffles. The cooling off requires some sprinting too. It is a very effective session and will get your stamina and recovery time up as.