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Best Real Estate Round-Up Posts

As social media and access to the internet continues to evolve, lots of great information for buying or selling a home is more and more prevalent. Listed below is a compilation of various articles from across the web to help you with your search.

If you are in the market to buy a home, you will find lots of good information. Real estate agents with a proven track record of helping clients find the right home for their needs are usually really good at marketing their message. This means you can review the tried and true best practices from several experienced agents and find a plan that will work for you.

For those that are ready to sell a home, we also have good information for you. Everything from staging your home, projects to improve curb appeal and specific items to do based on the season can all be found. This will give you a firm plan for getting everything in order and ready for the big sale.

Top Real Estate Articles That Must Be Read

Have you been busy this March and haven't had time to read all of the new real estate articles that came out this month? No problem as each month Bill Gassett hosts the best of the best real estate articles that you should make sure to read!

Best Google+ Real Estate Articles April 2016

Real Estate News and Views for Metrowest Massachusetts. Published by Bill Gassett RE/MAX Executive Realty

40 Must-Read Real Estate Blogs

In 2015, 90% percentage of home buyers started their property search online. Real estate blogs provide you with the tools to be found by these home buyers!

Best Google+ Real Estate Articles November 2015

Real Estate News and Views for Metrowest Massachusetts. Published by Bill Gassett RE/MAX Executive Realty

28 Real Estate Articles That Must Be Read

Ryan Fitzgerald By Ryan Fitzgerald With more than 2.5 million blog posts being published every day, it can be difficult to sort through the noise. Now that...

10 Outstanding Real Estate Articles

Once again we are bringing you the best of the best information when it comes to buying and selling a home.

Top Real Estate Articles On Google+ From June 2017

Check out this month's edition of the best real estate articles written in June 2017 by Xavier De Buck and hosted on Bill Gassett's Mass Real Estate News blog!

Top 25 Smart Real Estate Marketing Blogs

Digital media has forever changed the world of real estate for the better. No longer are buyers and agents limited to the listings within a single agency; information can be shared between agents instantaneously and updated with stunning photos based on real time changes. Simultaneously, more and more real estate agents are becoming content producers, sharing marketing information via blogs and creating tutorials that outline ways for buyers to increase their chances of finding and financing their dream home. The commercial real estate and investment niches get plenty of attention in addition to the traditional residential market, with blogs dedicated specifically to small business owners ready to expand their companies and investors looking for a steady stream of income.

Terrific Real Estate Articles From June 2017

For a while there blogging was all the latest rage and many real estate professionals were encouraged to do it. Share information of value and the readers will come. As can be seen by many of the ghost town blogs where nothing has been written for years those writers learned it takes time and effort to blog about any topic. On the other hand all the articles in this list and from these authors are from individuals who have made the commitment to keep blogging and provide rich insightful commentary on a regular basis. So be sure to check out some of these great reads from the month of June 2017 and to keep checking back with these real estate bloggers for more great content.

Best Real Estate Articles From August 2017

August, while a slower month in real estate due to being the summer time and back to school season does not mean it is slow in terms of real estate blogs. As can be seen from the articles below there is plenty of great content published during the month of August. Be sure to check each one of them out!

Top Google+ Real Estate Articles September 2017

Real Estate News and Views for Metrowest Massachusetts. Published by Bill Gassett RE/MAX Executive Realty

202 Must-Follow Real Estate Pros On Twitter

Have you also been trying out Twitter for a while now, yet haven’t quite found out why so many real estate agents are raving about it?

Best Google+ Real Estate Articles

Top real estate and mortgage information from Google+

Best Google+ Real Estate Articles June 2016

Real Estate News and Views for Metrowest Massachusetts. Published by Bill Gassett RE/MAX Executive Realty

Best Real Estate Posts, EVER!!!

Read the best available real estate round up posts in one place that was ever compiled on the web.

Must Read Real Estate Articles From 2016!

2016 was yet again filled with some fantastic real estate blog articles. Highlighted here are the very best real estate blog articles from 2016!

Top Real Estate Articles on Google+ From December 2016!

Winter weather and the holidays haven’t interfered with our favorite Real Estate bloggers. We found new articles for home buyers, sellers, owners and Realtors. Without further ado check out the best of Google+ real estate for December 2016!

Great Real Estate Articles From February 2017

When getting a home ready for sale there quite a few steps to take in order to make sure the home is ready for buyers. If there are pets living in the home some extra steps should be taken to make sure the home is ready for buyers to visit. Xavier De Buck provides some great tips to help with getting a house ready when you have pets. Tackle the major pet issues as pointed out by Xavier and your home sale will be that much closer to success.

Top Real Estate Articles On Google+ In April 2017

This month there has been a wide variety of killer content produced and shared on G+

Real Estate Articles Not To Miss From April 2017

In case you missed any of the great real estate reads from the month of April here are some to catch up on. Whether you are selling, buying a home or luxury home, or just have a keen interest in real estate all of these blog articles are packed with information and knowledge that won’t leave you wanting. Hope you enjoy and feel free to add any articles at the bottom of the list that you think are notable real estate articles from the month of April 2017.

Best Real Estate Articles Written in May 2017

With the abundance of real estate content available online wouldn’t it be nice if you could find out about some of the articles you may have missed? These Real Estate Roundup articles attempt to do just that for you, collect some of the great articles published during the month and share them with all for their reading enjoyment. The articles contain information and insights for homebuyers, home sellers, homeownership and more.

Real Estate Round-Up, August 2017

Buying a new home can be a hectic time, with lots of details to remember and many different things keep track of. To make sure nothing slips through the cracks in the early stages, Professional Real Estate Agent Frederick Franks provides a succinct checklist for the items you need to take note of when you go for your first home viewing. From the atmosphere of the neighborhood to signs of damp problems, Franks breaks down the top ten things to look for or ask about at your first viewing to be fully prepared to make an informed purchase decision. Your Essential Home Viewing Checklist by Frederick Franks

Best Real Estate Articles September

Take a look at some of the best real estate articles from September.

Great Real Estate Articles February 2019

Every month there are lots of real estate articles that are jam packed with helpful advice for buyers and sellers. Putting together a round-up of these posts is always fun.

Best Real Estate Articles To Read September 2019

September is here and another Autumn season is upon us. To celebrate the changing of seasons we have compiled a list of articles from top real estate agents and mortgage lenders. These tips are divided among buying tips and selling tips to help people regardless of their current real estate needs. Without further ado, let’s dive into the first topic!