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Updated by Catelin Forbes on Sep 29, 2016
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Family and Kids attractions in Makati City; Family Day Out

Makati is a beautiful city that is ideal for a day outing with the family while you are on vacation. Here are seven places that will ensure your loved ones are happy.


Ayala Triangle Gardens

Ayala Triangle Gardens are beautiful to the point of being mesmerizing. Makati is a business region and this is one of those places where you could go to relax and get away from all the commercial and corporate shenanigans. The area is flawlessly landscaped and you will get to see a whole treasure trove of lush foliage thanks to the beautiful and resplendent fire trees, rain trees and the golden palms. The gardens offer a complete contradiction to the rest of Makati city which is quite busy all the time. There is also a rather impressive array of eateries here where you could enjoy your meals with your family and loved ones. Even your kids will love the place owing to its cooling and refreshing nature and the spot will certainly give you the chance to spend some quality bonding time with your family. The fact that the Ayala Triangle Gardens is located in close proximity to many Makati hotels makes it a great hang-out venue for holiday-goers in the city.


Ayala Museum

The museum of Ayala is enthralling and it displays many artifacts which have been carefully curated so that the best of the Filipino arts, heritage and culture has been preserved. There are 60 dioramas which are on show that are able to explain the heritage of this proud and brave land and its people. There is also an impressive amount of gold jewelry items that come from the era just before the Hispanics and they are beautiful to behold. The museum also features the works various talented geniuses in the art field. The entire setup of the museum is done intelligently and has been known be popular as an attraction for adults as well as children.


Greenbelt Chapel

'Exquisite' is somehow not grand enough a word to describe the timeless Greenbelt chapel that delivers mass three times each day without fail. The chapel will give you and your family that spiritual moment where all else will cease to matter as you absorb the tranquility and the sense of complete bliss that is created by the ambiance as well as the numerous trees that surround the grounds. The architecture of the chapel itself is beautiful and seem to hold an other-worldly charm. The chapel is also about one kilometre or about 15 minutes away from some of the accommodation providers in Makati such as Somerset Millennium Makati, where guests travelling from out of the city or overseas could stay. A quick few steps away from the Chapel is the wonderful and intriguing Greenbelt 5 where there is a complete wing of the top-most storey that is devoted to various local brands of the nation.


Guadalupe Church

On the same note, the Guadalupe Church also offers peaceful settings for your entire family amid architecture that is intricate and borrows heavily from the baroque-Roman culture.


The Legazpi Active Park

The Legazpi Active Park is another quiet area where you could enjoy a game of badminton or throw a frisbee around with your kids. The park offers a lot of shady and cooling spots underneath large trees and many joggers frequent this park. Try paying a visit here to entertain your kids with a game or two and maybe plan a small picnic underneath the shade of a tree.