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Updated by Andrew Pereira on Sep 29, 2016
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5 Activities to do in Cat Ba Island; Hidden Treasures

Cat Ba is not known for its general beauty, but the island is famous for its hidden treasures that have held enough allure for travelers to seek out its most unsuspecting corners.


Exploring Cat Ba on Bike

Cat Ba is best explored on a motorbike. However, if it so happens that you cannot ride one, there are also many car rentals around that can even be found with a driver who could help you get a tour of the island. Try not to explore the island on foot as it is quite large which means that you will be constantly exhausted plus it is quite hilly which makes travelling on foot to certain locations a bit tedious. Do not be discouraged by the initial misimpression the island makes as underneath all of it there is so much to be seen.


The fable of the three women

There are three tiny beaches which are completely hidden away from the public eye in Cat Ba. Legend speaks of three women who were washed up on each of these respective beaches and went on to become the namesakes of the island. The beaches are filled with jade coloured waters which are temperate enough for a lovely relaxing swim and the scenery is astounding. There are also three temples which are built in homage to these three women. These temples are located high up in the peaks of hills in the island. Fort Canon offers a magnificent viewpoint as well as remains of bunkers which served as secret hiding places during the bygone war. There is also a zoological garden and a butterfly farm that is adorned in so much of the island's culture on these hills. There are also quite a few caves and cavers such as the Hospital Cave which is said to offer mesmerizing sunset views.


Explore the amazing beaches

Cat Ba is home to completely fairytale caliber beaches. It is better to bear in mind though, that during the peak travel seasons, they could be quite crowded as they are also rather small. Cat Ba is an island that has always been attractive to many backpackers, and you are sure to come across many of them lazing on the beautiful beaches of the island.


Take a walk in the National park

A beautiful national Park area offers sanctuary to the beautiful flora and fauna of Cat Ba. The golden-headed langur monkey is a species which is considered "highly endangered". However, the protected forest area of this island provides them with a safe haven. The prices would amaze you as admission costs less than a dollar sometimes. There are many hikes and treks that you could take on across the accurately marked pathways of the National Park. Spend a day here is never difficult as there is so much to see. A lot of travellers who plan on visiting Cat Ba choose to stay on the island itself. If you prefer to stay on the mainland however, you could go with accommodation in Hai Phong, which is a port city and has lodging options such as the Somerset Central TD Hai Phong; and from there, you could make a day trip to the island.


Ha Long or Lan Ha Bay

Ha Long and Lan Ha Bays both are home to completely magical karsts created by nature. These karsts are made of limestone and the scenery around them is stunning. There are quite a few guided tours that an enthusiastic traveller could opt for which will give you the benefit of being able to carefully observe the untouched natural beauty of Cat Ba.