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8 Reasons Why Women Get Attracted to Men with Glasses

Specy is the new sexy! Yes you read it right! Women love guys with glasses. Gone are the days when wearing spectacles was associated with being ‘uncool’. If you are a man who is apprehensive about wearing eyeglasses because you assumed the fairer sex may not like you! Think again...

Round Frame Glasses - Eyewear Fashion Comes Full Circle

If you are looking for a perfect pair of prescription glasses online that will put you ahead of the fashion curve, then you need to get a pair of round frame eyeglasses! Currently these John Lennon-esque, Steve Jobs and Harry Potter - like round glasses are trending internationally. While they first emerged on the fashion scene in the 1940s (championed by Audrey Hepburn) and made brief appearances in the 1960s and 1980s, they made a surprisingly grand comeback at the fag end of 2015.

Will I Really Find Glasses Online that are Perfect for me?

On a regular two hour drive from London to Birmingham, all I had was a tablet for my company and of course, Dave the driver who seemed confident and looked smart too. Oops…Was I falling for his looks? No, noway! But what grabbed my attention was a perfect looking pair of prescription glasses that looked extremely good because they suited him so well!

Be a Trendsetter - Challenge the Eyewear Rules!

I owe a lot to Penelope - my bestie - actually my ‘entire wardrobe’! She is the shining beacon of hope who is my ultimate stylist, especially because I often end up buying clothes and accessories that are either too OTT or too boring. Ever since I remember, she's been my ‘fashion godmother’ and has been responsible for my amazing style and for stopping me from committing fashion faux pas of epic proportions.

Makeover for My Old glasses : Reglazing Service Online at

Dear Diary,

I am done and dusted with Bob. He has had it. After all the strong TLC (paradoxical pun intended) I gave him, I definitely deserve better. I have cooked for him, cleaned after him & taken care of him even when he was sick. How could he do this to me?

Who said Accountants have to Look Boring?

As an accountant, I have to be cost conscious. Save money, Save time! Save! Save! Save!

I save on everything as you can clearly see. Talking about seeing clearly, let’s talk about my vision, a few months back while helping one of my clients, to write a vision statement, I developed a mild headache. She wasn’t the kind who’d ever give me a headache. You know what I mean, right? It's not our blog that I am talking about!

Italians do it Better! ;-) Brand new Jorgio Collection

Perfect Glasses just introduced the stunning Italian inspired range of eyewear - Jorgio Collection. Straight off the high-street, these high-end boutique style sexy specs will ensure that you make an upbeat impression wherever you go. Most of the gorgeous eyeglasses in the Jorgio Collection are distinctive and have modish Italian features like a keyhole nose bridge, double brow bar style, and high-quality glossy acetate finish.

6 Reasons Why Designer Sunglasses Make a Great Gift for Your Girlfriend!

With the Holidays just around the corner, you must be gearing up for the gifting season. Gift selection can be pretty difficult - especially if it is for your lady love. You don’t want to take a risk by choosing the wrong one, as you certainly aim at gifting to impress. If you are tired of gifting the regular hackneyed gifts like perfumes, jewellery, handbags, clothes, makeup kits, etc. to your girlfriend or wife, consider gifting designer sunglasses.

Top 10 Reasons Why Buying Glasses Online is Fabulous with Perfect Glasses

Looking for best prescription glasses online? Worry not! Perfect Glasses will help you find the best prescription eyeglasses and designer sunglasses online, that you’ll absolutely love. Perfect Glasses has emerged as one of the most popular online eyewear retailers in the UK since 2009. We deliver thoughtfully handpicked eyeglasses frames that are not only high on quality but also easy on the pocket - this is what makes our customers return to Perfect Glasses every time they decide to shop for sunglasses or glasses online in the UK.

This Valentine’s Day, Let Your Eyes do the Talking!

Every February, I feel like I am in love. I feel cupids flying over my head, the air smells of fresh flowers and every other boy on the street looks like my ‘Mr. Right’. This month is all about feeling love, finding love and falling in love. You can call me crazy but, this is the magic of this month. But, but, but….it's not always this hunky dory, you know. I spent my last Valentine’s day all alone. I remember, I was sitting in this cosy cafe on Beak street and looking around in the hope that someone would look back at me

When in Doubt, Wear your Glasses!!

It’s mid week and I still cannot get what happened on Monday out of my head. I work for one of the best ad agencies in London. I work in a bright and colorful office on Farringdon Road. I hold a good reputation as a junior creative executive and yet, somehow, on Monday, I kind of ruined this pretty picture for myself.

Spring/Summer Eyewear Trends UK 2017 : Let’s play with some colours!

When you buy glasses online, you are presented with an extensive platter of all kinds of frames and choosing the best from the lot, always seems to be a challenge. But with Perfect Glasses there is no scope for any confusion. We not only make buying glasses online easy for you but we also keep you fashionably updated about latest trends in designer glasses and prescription sunglasses.

Get Peppy Glasses And Sunglasses Designs Worn By These Famous Cartoon Characters!

When you were a child, what was your Sunday like? Or should I ask which channel did you watch the most? Does that ring any bell in your mind? Well, for me it surely does! Watching my favourite cartoons has been the best memory of my childhood. I always imagined myself going inside their world and make it my own. The colours, graphics, their life fascinated me the most. I think it grabbed all our attention. The one thing that also became their style statement were their cool pair of glasses or sunglasses!

Sunglasses For The College Ready!

Fashion is not just about right clothing and footwear. The wardrobe is complete with a dash of perfect accessories. And the most important accessory is sunglasses. Talk about going to college, staying upbeat and style friendly is every college student's wish. Especially, when you walk in that college gate, you want to spread the modish vibe. It's significant to add some colour to your look with a right pair of eyewear.