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Updated by Net Technical on Jan 31, 2017
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What are the most common IT problems faced by your Support Team?

If you work on an IT support desk you will know that many of the calls you get will fall into some pretty typical categories. Luckily this means you can answer them successfully and await the more interesting problems to solve! Here are the 5 most popular calls made. Do you agree?


I can't log in

This has to be frustrating for the user and for support team and is unfortunately, far too common. Simple errors such as leaving caps lock on, or using the wrong password are usually to blame, but it can also mean an account has been suspended too.


My computer is too slow

If your company has a rolling cycle of computer upgrades it is likely that the caller hasn't got a slow computer, but has not managed it correctly. Often it is simply that too many applications are open at the same time but in other cases, malware issues could be to blame and certainly will require the help of a professional.


The internet is slow

Everyone has such high expectations of their internet access,and maybe rightfully so. However it is common to experience a slow down that makes working difficult. If this is because of malware or spyware you need to get some clear information from the caller in order to address the issue. However, in a large wifi- driven office it is commonly the case that some staff will be positioned at a desk that is just too far from the router or where the signal is weak.


I can't remember my password

OK, for the average person, remembering too many passwords is a problem. But unless you have a self service password reset system in operation this will be a very frequent phone call!


I can't print anything

Now that most of us tend to use the printer only when other people need to see something, it means that there is usually a time pressure on the caller when they find they cannot print. If the simple practical stuff is all correct- paper loaded, enough toner etc then usually it is a connection problem, but one that usually won't wait for someone in a hurry!


The blue screen of death

Many users panic when they see the famous blue screen of death (or BSoD), so they don’t read the text that shows up on the page. BSoD is an error screen that is displayed on Windows computer systems after a fatal system error, or crash. In most cases, by simply restarting a computer, system errors can be fixed, however, if the BSoD persists, users should contact their IT support team, as it could be that their hardware is in need of replacing.


I deleted files accidentally

We’ve all accidentally deleted important files and it’s quite normal for people to going into panic mode, believing that the files are gone forever. If files are simply moved to the recycle bin, then can easily be retrieved, however, if the recycle bin has been emptied, then it’s essential for users to contact their IT support team and stop using the drive until the files can be retrieved.

Cloud services provide the best solution. By backing all files up externally on the cloud, even if they are deleted from a hard drive, there is still a copy available.