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Things to Remember when Snorkelling – How to Enjoy the Sport

A first time snorkeler has many aspects to look forward to; the thrill of observing the underwater activity will only be enhanced by following a few simple rules and enhancing your knowledge.


Learn the Art of Fitting a Mask Properly

Learn the Art of Fitting a Mask Properly

This is very important in order to prevent fogging or leaking. If you are renting or buying masks remember that they come in many different sizes. Don't go for the cheapest equipment as in the long run this will spoil your snorkelling experience. Look for a mask that sits well and seals the rim around your face without being too tight; a masks fit will depend on the shape of your face, size of the nose etc. Try a few on and check yourself out in a mirror to see that it seals well around the face.


Invest in a Dry Snorkel

A dry snorkel may be a bit more expensive than the regular ones but if you are a first time snorkeler or even a seasoned one the dry snorkel will be much more comfortable. A dry snorkel is fitted with a special valve that seals shut whenever you submerge the snorkel; this prevents a rush of water from entering the valve and subsequently your mouth. It also has a purge valve at the end of the tube which helps in blowing out any water that enters your mouth. Remember that snorkelling is a wholly satisfying sport and one of the most popular things to do in Unawatuna, a gorgeous bay just 5kms from heritage city Galle.


Make Sure the Fins Fit

Make Sure the Fins Fit

When renting fins make sure they fit just right; not too tight, not too loose and do not hurt your feet. A fin when most needed could fall off if too lose or cause calluses or sores if too tight. A wholly unpleasant experience that could easily be avoided by fitting on the fins and doing a practise walk in them before renting or buying the pair. Keep in mind that as your feet will be in water all the time they will shrink, therefore choose fins that offer a comfortable yet snug fit. If you ask around any seasoned snorkeler will advise you that fins are an absolute necessity; they give extra power and speed to your kick and are essential when exploring gorgeous bays such as Unawatuna home to famous jungle beach and CoCo Bay Unawatuna .


Practise First

Practise First

Do not wait till the last minute to get your gear together. Plan ahead and rent or buy all your gear before the actual snorkel tour. This will help you to practise before heading down to the beach. Strap on the mask and inhale it should then fit snugly and seal around your face. Check out the snorkel; make sure it fits in your mouth at a comfortable angle, if not make the necessary adjustments. Next practise putting on the fins; these may take some getting used to.


First Time Snorkelling Habits

On your first tour remember to take it slow. Swim in a relaxed form and do not be in a hurry as this may cause exhaustion. Take time to observe and enjoy the sights through your mask. Breathe casually until you are comfortable with the mask. And most importantly check the weather conditions before heading out on your tour.