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Compare cars - Maruti Suzuki Ciaz and Mahindra Verito

Maruti Suzuki had launched the Ciaz sedan back in 2014 and very soon it became the second bestselling car among the sedans with a huge demand from the car lovers of India.

The Audi Q7 has been a widely popular car in the Indian market and with the debut of the new generation of Q7 back in last year, the flagship Audi SUV has been able to stay well ahead in the race for large luxury SUVs in India.

2016 Hyundai Elantra vs Chevrolet Cruze

Hyundai is the second largest car maker in India with high performing and premium cars such as the Grand i10, the new generation i20 and the Creta. And in each...

Why used car valuation

Why used car valuation is more important than you think Buying a car brings in a lot of convenience and ease to our lives by easing out...


Selling a used car used to be a real daunting task once upon a time. But now the situation has improved greatly and we can smoothly sell of our used car without landing into many hassles.

valuation-of-used-car - What elements should notice when buy a old car

The pre owned car market in India is seeing a steady growth with more and more buyers showing inclination to buy used cars owing to the benefits that it involves. When we plan to buy an old car, we know how confusing it can be. There many things to look for which can make it a daunting experience. This is true more when we are buying a car for the first time. There are many things to look out for while purchasing a used car but the important thing is to check out the physical condition of the car before arriving at the final decision.

car valuations online - Accueil

When you plan to sell off your used car, it is very natural to want to find out the actual worth of the car. How much value the used car holds in terms of cash value is something which we all want to know at the very first go. The best way we can find out the actual worth of our used car is by using the thousands of online resources. The resources online are car valuation tools which can offer us the true estimate for free. While going to sell off the car that we had been using for so long, it is a very basic and obvious thing to want to find out about the current cash value of the car - it is not only one of the very basic steps but also the most important one.

Todo Checklist For Successfully Selling Your Car

By Nitin Patidar in car valuation. To sell your car privately instead of going out to the car dealership for trading in your used car is no longer a daunting job.

Things you should keep in mind before selling your car

Selling your used old car by yourself, that is privately, instead of giving it to the car dealer for trading in your car, is no longer a daunting process. Earlier when not many resources were avail...

Finding a used car that is free of
problems has got everything to do with engaging in some solid research and
investigative abilities. Knowing how to detect potential problems and
understanding how reliable a used vehicle can be, can save you from expensive
automotive pitfalls down the road. Here are some points to look for so that you
can find good value in a used car.


Out of many of the valid questions and concerns that may pop up in your mind when you are making plans to buy a car, the most simple and basic one is perhaps whether you should go for a brand new car or purchase a used car.

The Best Time To Sell Your Car

Every car model comes with different
significant milestones which can make an impact on their performance and value
in the market. The lifespan of a vehicle may be understood by what is shown on
the odometer display, but only the mileage cannot say enough when the best time
to sell off your old car is. So, how will you get to know when it is actually
time to sell off your old car? The following points can be useful for you to
understand when the time has arrived for you to think of selling off your old
car and go for a new one, let us take a look at them:

Some of the best advice we've heard about cars

Whenever we need advice today, does not matter what the topic is, our first refuge is the Internet. When it comes to seeking advice about cars, there is no shortage of friendly advice, but how do you know if that is good or harmful? There is a lot of good information available on the Internet but it is best to question the advice we read and validate it with a car expert.