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Updated by Roxwell Peterson on Sep 27, 2016
Headline for 4 One of a Kind Ways to Experience Luxury in Bangkok – A Chance to Pamper Yourself Like Nowhere Else
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4 One of a Kind Ways to Experience Luxury in Bangkok – A Chance to Pamper Yourself Like Nowhere Else

In a place like Thailand 'budget' is a more commonly used word than 'luxury'. However the luxury you can find here can be seen in the most unexpected places & can be enjoyed by any sort of traveller.


Enjoy the Comfort of a Grand Hotel

Despite budget accommodation being the highlight of a holiday in Bangkok, this destination has an array of exquisite hotels and resorts that cater to all those who like a little bit of pampering. Those comfy mattresses, well equipped wash rooms and the soothing ambience can go a long way to ensure you are luxuriously caressed in a place like Bangkok. You don't have to look for something way over your budget to experience luxury when it comes to accommodation. In fact several Bangkok serviced apartments are comfortable enough to ensure you have a cosy stay. Metropole Bangkok is a good example and several places of this genre also come with dining options too. Thai food has been part for fine dining all over the world so why not experience unbridled authentic Thai Food in Thailand itself. That too in a setting of a classy hotel, and you will be assured a treat of luxury from aroma to taste to the sheer perfection in ambience.


The Finest Cinema Experience

You may wonder how watching a movie can be luxurious but that is because you probably have not experienced what Bangkok has in store. The setting of a first class cinema here redefines the ambience within a cinema for it is absolutely luxurious hands down! Take a look at the Cinema at the Central Embassy Shopping Mall. Picture this; 'gold hued walls, a fully stocked bar, a welcome chocolate truffle and royal service' If this does not sound luxurious then what is! This is merely the entrance, once you step inside prepare to be coddled by cocoon style sofas each of which comes with a pillow and complete reclining facilities. If you want absolutely anything all you need to do is a press a button and an attendant will land right in front of you. A cinema experience certainly cannot get more luxurious than this!


Pamper yourself with an exclusive Thai styled massage

If you have not indulged in a Thai massage in Thailand you have seriously failed your holiday. Around the rest of the world you have to part with big bucks to get yourself an exquisite Thai massage but in Thailand these massages are so relatively cheap you would feel like spending your whole day at the massage parlours. Masseurs are so well trained here that the pressure they apply on your skin is luxury without a doubt and when it comes to pampering your body and even senses for that matter, this point tops the list. Best part is massage parlours in Thailand are situated in every nook and corner so you can definitely get yourself a Thai massage with ease.


Indulge in Thailand's boutique coffee shops

Boutique coffee shops are a big fad in Bangkok and of late new ones have been popping up practically every other week. One of the best places to experience the luxury of boutique coffee shops is at the Central Embassy where you find big names such as Coffee Bean bu Dao and the famous Rocket Coffee Bar.