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City of Ink

City of Ink is one of the leading tattoo shops Melbourne. With a guest tattoo artist, as well as resident artists, learn about our tattooist Melbourne here.

Choose the best Tattoo removal treatment in Melbourne - Tackk

We love to get a tattoo on the part of the body. Making a tattoo becomes a style among the young generation and hence more and more people get tattoos. But, with the passage of time, they want to remove that tattoo. Different people have different...

Find skilled tattoo artists for a cosmetic tattoo in Melbourne

The cosmetic tattoo is a permanent makeup, which improves the features of the face using tattooing. Though it is tattoo quite different from a typical tattooing in that anesthetics are used, and the formulation of inserted into the skin is made from iron oxide pigments, not usual ink. The reason behind this is that iron…

Traditional reasons for laser tattoo removal Melbourne

City of Ink is one of the latest and finest tattoo shops of Melbourne known for making exclusive tattoo designs and also offers expert tattoo removal services too. Are you are fond of tattoo designs…

Planning For a Laser Tattoo Removal? Here’s what you must know beforehand

At certain point of time, we crave for getting our body parts tattooed either with thoughts or with proverbs or with some images or symbols then after some days, years or months; we get fed up with them or we want to get a new tattoo done or we might regret for getting tattooed.

4 Skills a Tattoo Artist Must Have

We all love to have a part of our body covered with the tattoo of our wish. Like we choose hair dressers, fashion designers, clothes, salons; we also must choose tattoo artist. Before going to any tattoo designer, you must about the skills a tattoo artist must have and this will help you to get it done from a better person where your money is worth.

Why Having a Tattoo, Should Involve the Research Regarding Removing One As Well? | City of Ink

When you have a clear idea of having a tattoo on your body is not just a decision that you can take quickly, there are a lot more things that should be consider. For the best tattoo removal experts in Melbourne procedures and for any information related to tattoo or tattoo removal contact City of Ink.

Important Tips provided by a reliable Tattoo removal clinic

City of ink was relaunched bt best mate jate king as premium tattoo shop in Melbourne. Tattoo removal is becoming a quite common treatment. When you are going to get this treatment, you should choose the right tattoo removal clinic, otherwise, it will create many issues. For more detail visit our website or call us: (03) 9077 1818 in Melbourne.

All you need to know about laser tattoo removal

If you want to remove your tattoo from the skilled and experienced tattoo artists, visit the City of ink. Our tattoo artists are selected by Jake for their creativity and dedication to the art and a variety of skills. Having many years of experience, we have achieved as a reliable studio in the industry.

Fox FM’s Fev gets inked by City of Ink

If you were tuned into Fox FM’s Fifi, Dave, & Fev this week, you would have heard the unmistakeable sounds of our very own Jake King, tattooing the glute of Brendon ‘Fev’ Fevola.

Best Tattooist in Melbourne

Welcome to City Of Ink. We have some of the best tattooist in Melbourne. We provide best services like Tattoos removal, traditional tattoo, Feather Tattoo with Natural. Visit our tattoo shops in Melbourne.

Top Three Tattoo Removal Processes

Along with putting tattoos, even the removal process has gained popularity. It has now gained respect and is being accepted in this new era of removal process.

What You Should Know About Cosmetic Tattoo Melbourne

The practices of cosmetic tattoos of Melbourne are used to grant make-up like results for a long term.

Why Tattoos Are a Fashion Trend in Melbourne

Nowadays, young people prefer different tattoos like tribal tattoos, chinese tattoos, armband tattoos etc. Tattoos are the oldest & the most accepted forms of conveying messages upon the human body.

How to Choose a Talented And Safe Tattoo Artist

So if you are looking for a good tattoo artist then don’t hesitate in approaching a walking advertisement or visit a person whom you admire having a...

Best Tattoo Removal Services in Melbourne

If you are unhappy with your current tattoo, laser tattoo removal is the way to go. Speak to us here at City of Ink about tattoo removal Melbourne.

All About Laser Tattoo Removal

There are times when we regret after getting a tattoo design and in such a scenario laser tattoo removal method is one of the best ways to opt for and get the tattoo removed.

Tattoo Removal Methods – Educate Yourself Today!

This article here explains more about the different tattoo removal methods used to get rid of these tattoos and if you wish to know more and go on further to read about them.

Evolution of Tattoos from Subculture to Pop-Culture

There are various websites that render crowd sourcing for tattoo designs. Such sites help these tattoo lovers to get connected with their lovely artists anywhere in the world.

Feather Stroke Cosmetic Tattoo in Melbourne

City of Ink is not like your typical Tattoo Shops Melbourne, as well as body tattoos we provide a service for feather stroke cosmetic tattoo Melbourne.

Tattoo Shops in Melbourne with Custom Tattoo Artists

Tattoo are the new fashion ornaments for both men and women. It is being fashion to have a tattoo. Earlier there are few defined designs, but as the time passes, there are custom tattoo artists.

Cosmetic Tattoo – A Far Better Treatment Than the Others

City of Ink Tattoo is one of the premium shops for a cosmetic tattoo Melbourne that has a heads up team of talented tattoo artists who have always brought uniqueness in tattoos through their work. Just call us +61 03 9077 1818.

Cosmetic Tattoo in Melbourne - For The Love Of Ink

City of Ink Make your look attractive with Cosmetic Tattoo in Melbourne including Lip Tattoo, Eyeliner Tattoo, Eyebrow Tattoo, Breast Tattoo by the professional makeup artist.

Important Tips After Cosmetic Tattoo In Melbourne

Once the treatment has been carried out, there are some important tips that need to be followed after Cosmetic Tattoo in Melbourne in order to maintain the new look.

Best Laser Tattoo Removal Service in Melbourne 

Are you looking for laser tattoo removal melbourne ? City of Ink is the best laser tattoo removal shop in Melbourne. Just call on 610390771818.

Tattoo Removal: What Condition Can make you take this Decision?

City of ink has laser tattoo removal machines expert that can help in tattoo removal in an easy way based in Melbourne at affordable prices.