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Updated by Harlon Goddard on Sep 27, 2016
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7 Places you Should Visit in Tianjin

Port City Tianjin is 137kms from Beijing and borders the Bohai Sea. A charming county town during the Qing dynasty Tianjin is resplendent with ancient cathedrals, culture and the Hai River.


The Hai River

The beautiful Hai River flows across the city centre; resplendent with frontages of the cosmopolitan city on either side, the river is also bordered by the 1860 and 1940 facades built to resemble western buildings. These buildings are iconic attractions in the city; especially the Wanghailou Church and vintage Tianjin Railway Station which saw its inception in 1888.


Notre Dame des Victories

Located towards the north-western edge of the city this cathedral borders the northern edge of the Hai River. Built in 1869 this 'high' cathedral was initiated once the Catholic religion was introduced to the city. The original structure was destroyed on many occasions and was rebuilt several times. The last major destruction was caused by the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. The church was last rebuilt in 1983 and stands out against the Catholic church located close by. The cathedral is only open on Sundays to the public who attend Sunday morning mass. The revered structure is deemed a state-level protected relic since 1988.


Ancient Culture Street

Once you are done sightseeing at Notre Dame des Victories; walk towards the southwestern quarter until you arrive at an arch. This signifies the entrance to the Ancient Culture Street locally known as Gu Wnhua ji. Very similar to the cultural streets of Beijing this place too is a government effort to introduce 19th century Chinese Streets within the city of Tianjin. Some of the facades here are just replicas but still beautiful to enjoy while antiques sold in the area can be quite pricy. Although honing in on your bargaining skills would be a good effort for snagging some worthy deals. The area not far from the Somerset Olympic Tower Tianjin is home to some interesting antique shops such as the Yangliuqing New Year Poster Shop, the Nirenzhang Clay statue shop and the Tianyige Four Chinese Writing Tools Shop. If sightseeing and exploring the city are priorities do consider the immense convenience of booking your stay at a Tianjin service apartment; the newest rage amongst the cosmopolitan traveller apartment hotels are convenient and comfortable.


Tianhou Temple

Better known as Tianhou Gong the temple sits along the southern bank of the Hai River. Although located about 60kms from the city centre the place is well worth a visit. Dedicated to the Sea Goddess this temple was built in 1326 AD as a protection for the locals going out to sea.


Dagu Fort

This too is located around the same area as Tianhou Temple. This is the only remaining fort from those that bordered the river. The existing fort flanking the southern border of the Hai River was constructed during the Ming Dynasty which existed between 1368 to 1644 AD and had various renovations done to it over the years.