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Learn How To Create Your Own Living Biosphere!

Create your own sealed living biosphere. Whether you decide to create an aquatic or terrestrial biosphere, these links will help you decide what organisms to include. They also caution you on what NOT to include and how much of each organism.

Build an Aquatic Ecosphere

Learn how to build your own aquatic ecosphere on Instructables.

Tabletop biosphere project: free instructions and an update

Helpful hints on the MAKE magazine version of the biosphere.

How To Make A DIY Biosphere

A biosphere is easy to make and it’s a great way to see just how fragile our environment is — if the balance of producers, consumers, and decomposers is off by even a little bit then your biosphere will collapse.

Make a Tabletop Biosphere

Make Magazine's instructions for building a tabletop biosphere.

Tabletop Biosphere | Make:

Create a fun biosphere to demonstrate the ecological cycles that keep us alive.

Make Labs' Biosphere & More! | Make:

It's always hard to tell which MAKE project will be the one that lots and lots of folks make and then share, it looks like for volume 10 a lot of makers ar

Carolina Tips on Biospheres

More ideas on creating a biosphere.

Desert Sea

The ocean biome at Biosphere 2 is a 676,000 gallon saltwater tank that was originally designed as a coral reef. The ocean provides a large platform for scientific research that can replicate some aspects of the complex real ocean in a controlled environment. Previous research in the ocean has included pioneering studies on ocean acidification, the fate of plastic pollution in ocean waters, and the diversity of micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses in the ocean. 

Bottle Biospheres

Introduction: There's only one stable, long-lasting biosphere that we know of. It's the Earth.

EcoSphere Closed Ecosystems

July 15th, 1982 –  Joe Hanson of Jet Propulsions Labs in Pasadena holds a workshop for the newly created study of “Closed Ecosystems.” This is where the “EcoSphere®” was created. .

EcoSphere Closed Ecosystems

Dr. Carl Sagan discusses the ecosphere and possible biospheres on other planets.

Biosphere in a Bottle

What insights can a jar full of mud and water give us about life on planet Earth? Can an ecosystem within a jar teach us about the Earth's biosphere? Consider inviting your students to set up windowsill or GrowLab investigations to explore these questions.